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  • in reply to: Let’s see your bike hauler #107334

    its in front of my buddies house off of petersburg road. Cant remember the name of the road but its past petersburg station heading towards old evans road.

  • in reply to: Let’s see your bike hauler #107332


    my buddies Cannondale on the outside and my 29er behind it. Love my hitch on my car.

    Got the hitch and carrier wholesale through my work. 😄

  • in reply to: Biking music #106984

    my playlist is a mix of A Day to Remember, Slightly Stoopid, Chiodos, Chicago, Deftones, Four Year Strong, Muse, Nirvana, Taking Back Sunday, 311, Stevie Wonder, and some DMB.

    try to mix in heavy stuff to help hammer stuff out and slower, mellow stuff for recovery spins. just what I like to jam to.

    Same mix for when I run too.

  • in reply to: Target Fixation #101829

    not fixating on a target gets me in trouble sometimes. Coming around a WIDE turn i was already looking around the corner. Leaned in and…………..came to eating dirt and my ankle swelling quickly. Damn pine roots were much higher than my brain noted and they jumped up and snatched my pedals. 😆

    Took me about 100 miles before I was told that your bike follows where you’re looking and its some of the best advice another rider has ever given me.

  • in reply to: Rear breaks make grinding noise #98621

    my bb7’s give a little bit of squel, but nothing like my Juicy’s. The rear one on my 29er shakes the whole damn bike. I dont mind noise but the vibration is pretty annoying.

  • in reply to: Pet Peeves of the Trail #101273
    "neil.beltchenko" wrote

    [quote="tjc58":1iafk6s2]Horse Poop! Always in a big pile, never in a bag, and always on a turn! Come on people.

    I agree on this but, most trails at least out in Colorado are equestrian friendly so that’s going to happen.

    Agree to not yielding, some people just don’t know this which is unfortunate

    about hunters: man if there right on a trail they best know that they will see traffic.

    the thing that erks me the most is big groups, 6 or more not yeilding to a solo rider. I feel as if you have a slower small group you should always yield no matter what.

    Great subject![/quote:1iafk6s2]

    im usually a solo rider and I always yield to everyone, no matter mid climb or downhill. i will certainly yield to 2 or more riders. Easier for me to stop than 2+ people.

    Tbh, I hate when I yield to riders and they dont nod or say thank you, its a courtesy, not a requirement. Dont have much of a horse poo problem here in GA but I do see beer bottles laying around on some trails and that annoys me to no end.

  • in reply to: CamelBak Lobo vs Osprey Raptor 6 #92957

    I have the raptor 14 as well and havent used my camelbak (MULE not the Lobo) since. Been eyeballing getting the raptor 4 for shorter rides.

  • in reply to: Lance #98750
    "dgaddis" wrote

    I’d love to think Lance didn’t dope, but it’s hard to believe. So many people say he saw them do it. Yeah, I know he never tested positive. That just means he may have beaten the tests.

    I mean…he beat some of the best athletes in the world, over and over again. And they were all on dope.

    Everyone was (is?) on dope, so I think his victories still stand.

    over 500 tests and non negative? Kinda hard to beat a drug test that many times.

    Even if he did, I agree with Dgaddis, they should still stand bc everyone seems to be doping. However, the integrity in me likes to believe he beat those ‘dopers’ drug free bc it makes me feel better. 😆

  • in reply to: WTB Velociraptors #97811

    I switch my Nevegals for some small block 8’s and prefer the small block 8’s to the nevegals.

    Never used the Velociraptors.

  • in reply to: Nice day out on the Modoc trail #97570
    "brianW" wrote

    I have been riding it for a few years and always enjoyed it but a few times it really sucked all the gas out of me. When it is dry it is a lot of fun. Agree with dgaddis it is better on the way back. I always like to warn about 4 mile bridge, if it is wet it is very slick to cross.

    i had heard that. I only spilled at jaws, the first huck off the rock in the beginning, and washed out on a switchback.

  • in reply to: Nice day out on the Modoc trail #97568

    tbh, the party wasnt worth it. lol.

    the climb out to the parking lot, for me, is killer. It just feels never ending. lol

  • in reply to: Nice day out on the Modoc trail #97566

    did you get my message on the sorba boards Dgaddis?

    Ive rode Modoc once and I was quickly ate up by this trail. Gorgeous trail but it owned me. Two flats, a few slow speed spills, and a lot of walking. The climbs arent even THAT bad but I didnt have the gas to ride them.

    It just means I need to saddle up and conquer. 😼

  • Im must be lucky bc my g/f loves to ride with me.

    She hasnt rode much singletrack with me, but she is excited to go more (praise jesus 😃 )

    Even if she wasnt, she supports all my hobbies and never interferes with them so I should say Im blessed more than lucky.

  • in reply to: Why do you ride? #95419

    I have a Haro Flightline 3 with some add-ons and I just bought a Specialized Rockhopper Pro 29er. Both are HT’s. The Haro was my first bike into the sport and the Specialized is everything my Haro didnt have. 😆 Both are HT’s.

  • in reply to: Sunglass Lenses #96834
    "bhuber" wrote

    I’m looking into getting a pair of interchangeable sunglasses for riding. What colors do you suggest and do you recommend polarized lenses? There are so many options its a little overwhelming.

    I bought the Oakley Jawbones and have loved them. I did not go polarized with the lenses for riding. I use an iridium orange, clear, or PLAIN black depending on the overcast and where Im riding.

    Dgaddis posted an awesome site to explain. Good luck bro!

    If you still live in Evans, check out Escape Outdoors, they sell Oakleys are on the same road as Brown Seed and Feed off of Washington rd. Chain Reaction behind ‘If Its Paper’ sells Oakleys too. Both are great stores with awesome employees who dont mind answering questions.

  • in reply to: Good Helmet Lights #96432

    you can search around in a parts catalog that an automotive technician may have. I have bought some lights that were attatched by a headband and was lightweight. It may not be the brightest on the trail, but it may work for you application. I bought a Snap-On LED one for about $120 and it blinds my coworkers. Just a suggestion.

  • in reply to: Front Forks #96125

    id pick the RST duece over the Suntour fork.

    I own a Haro with a Suntour fork and Im not crazy about it.

    Ive heard more good than bad about Duece forks.

    I dont know the difference between the two (I think I do but I dont want to liter the site with misinformation) but if I were to pick just by name brand, its RST Duece all day for me.

  • in reply to: Pissed Off #95238

    I hate that the weather seems to hate me as well.

    I hate people who KNOWINGLY ride around obstacles they dont want to ride. Too much trail work from volunteers go into these trails for lazy douchebags to ruin it. (its hard to blame noobs when they simply dont know)

    I hate being a noob and putting a price on everything. Lesson learned quickly.

    I hate not being able to keep up with people half my age because I was a lazy bastard. 😳

    I hate it when my g/f gives me flak about riding all the time.

    I love it when my g/f makes me feel bad for riding……….so I leave an hour later with my bike to show my g/f who is more important. 😆

  • in reply to: Hydraulic disk brakes? #93217

    modulation and power.

    I have BB7’s 185mm on the front of my bike and they are not as powerful as my uncles juicy 3’s or the Elixir 5’s I had at one point. I had issues with my Elixirs that the LBS told me was ‘normal’ (the wheel would spin 3-4 times and abruptly stop, not normal) so I went with BB7’s because they had such great reviews.

    My bb7’s have good modulation and power, but they dont have the ‘bite’ the juicy 3’s or the Elixirs do.

    Im pretty sure you are going to get a billion different answers on this. I have read hundreds of threads like this and everyone has their own opinion. My next bike will have hydros on it. BB7’s work, but I want hydros.

  • in reply to: About the Georgia Mountain Bike Scene #93018
    "dgaddis" wrote

    Already use the forums at for that. ftw.

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