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    I’m holding out. Some one start it. Set the stage then the stunt

    Get set



    It wasn’t a stunt…..

    We were coming through the park on a paved bike/jogging path, down a steep curvy hill. My wife went first, about 15 seconds ahead. I came down, and at the bottom was a sharp right. I apexed the turn, and coming out of it at a good clip, my wife was coming back the other way.

    My brakes worked.

    Front and rear locked up, and since the pavement was damp and I was still into my lean, the tires slipped out from under me.

    I went down and skidded (missing my wife) down the hardball for a good 15-20 feet on my side.

    She laughed at me, and so did the 80yr old German guy chilling on the bench right there.

    Oh yeah. It hurt.


    I don’t know if this was my best wipe-out, but it was definately funny. My nephew and I were riding up the lift at Northstar-at-Tahoe and he pointed out that he wanted to try the Liftline trail. I said I wasn’t sure that I wanted to ride it, because I knew I’d have a spectacular bail right under the lift.

    We get to the top, and took Flameout half way down the mountain. From there, we cut over to Liftline via a fire road. The road isn’t steep or anything, but its still on a mountain and has a nice decline, and we were hauling ass, around 30mph. I was right on my nephews ass, and he was kicking up a nice dust cloud, and sure enough, right under the lift, I moved a little to the left to get out of the dust, and I hit a decent sized rock I couldn’t see! I must’ve flown, superman style, for about 20 feet, before I landed, and hit my head hard enough on a rock to see stars!

    Needless to say, I received quite an ovation from everyone riding up the lift! 😳


    😏 😆good ones

    Not my best but we are coming down Sawpit at Demo. Steep fast single track. Wife is her safe distance to avoid any of my antics. We about halfway down in the real fast stuff it’s going light dark light dark. I make a sharp blind left into the dark (wow a low stump in the middle of the trail). Straight over the bars landing on my feet and started running.

    My wife turns the corner and finds me running down the trail with my following me like it’s being ridden.

    So in her true form she asks loudly 😏 What are you doing!

    "Juan_Gear" wrote

    My wife turns the corner and finds me running down the trail with my following me like it’s being ridden.

    Wheres a helmet cam when you need one!?


    Probably not my worst, but anyway my friend and I were riding to a trail. from where we were coming from we had to go down a huge hill(clocked at over 50mph down this hill). my friend was about 30ft behind me go down the hill(probably going about 30 at this point) I cut onto the fireroad, my front tire washes out when it hit the dirt 😮 . I slid into the woods. My friend almost fell off his bike laughing.


    ok about 2 weeks after i bought my fisher, i was trying to go down a somewhat steep single track off a mediumish hill and… drastically underestimated the technical stuff, i still made it over the big rocks, the mossy rocks and around a few fell trees, however, i paniced at the sand pit and went to wrong side, began to fall and reached out for the limb of one of the fallen trees.. my bike kept going with my feet still cliped in, swung round and hit the treee i grabed, pinning me between my bike and the tree. So heres the picture, im bent over a fallen tree, butt in the air (a big rotting tree at that) with my bike, gravity of a steep hill, and a very awcard angle not alowing me to unclip my feet. When my bike swung aroung it slamed into a branch as well and all i could do was yell for joel (bombadier) to come straiten my bike out so i could get off the tree and free my feet. Yup, i had a nice 14” x 3” branch shaped bruise on my upper thigh for a while after that.. That was when i desided i needed adjustable float pedals untill i got the hange of clipless 😏


    COOL 😆

    That the does not kill ya makes ya stronger they say

    Who ever they are 😃


    For those of you that do not know 1st 2nd and 3rd divide. It is a rustic intermedate ride. Not that steep but loose shale which is normal around Downieville. It is early spring and we are taking a friend for his first ride here. Along 1st divide are gold miners lonely after a long snow so we are telling squeel like a pig jokes. When we get to 2nd divide my bud finds a small plastic hippo in the road. It looks kinda like a pig so it becomes our lucky pig mojo so we dont have to worry about marrying miners today.

    About a mile up 2nd divide a wasp fly in a helmet vent and is not happy starts busting loose on my head before I can stop get helmet off. My lady carrys benadrell in her pack so I take one, kinda woozy but ride must go on. We get to the cliff side you locals know where I mean loose shale on a rock base. Can see the water what 50/75 feet below on the right There are a number of steps just before dirt again I know the moves pull, push, pull, push left pedal comes uclipped left knee against left hand

    I drive right off the edge, I’m looking at my bike one hand one foot framed by sky and have time to hear the wind rush pased my ears. Also time to think how Bleeping far is this. Landing on my back on the only piece of dirt maybe one foot by three foot with a grunt as it knocks my wind out. Bike is now totaly free I can hear it spinning in the air before landing in a small tree. I crawl the 15 or 20 feet back up handing my bike up first to my bud.

    We ride off for the truck and set a new top speed on 3rd divide I take the last jump to find that the day before new cement blocks have been instaled with sand on top. Yehaw.

    Years later after a MRI my doctor asks when did I break my back. Just happens be be under my pack so it should be O.K. 😏

    Lucky pig is still hanging on my stem


    What ya’ll found was definitely a pig, but i dunno about the lucky part after hearing your story. 😮


    Man, I know exactly where you are talking about. That is a HAIRY section if something goes wrong! I had a guy hauling ass on a dirt bike come by me there once. I thought we were both dead!

    You know that last uphill section you do? I watched a girl ride right off the edge of it. Her and her boyfriend only brought one bottle of water to share between the two of them, we found out, and she bonked. I hopped off and was able to save her bike, but she slid down about 20 feet, until she caught a scrub tree, almost to the drop off into the river. Man, I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared for anyone else!


    That last up hill is a killer my wife slid off the river side so far it filled her clothes up with leaf litter that same day. She slid till she found a small tree also. Says to this day she thought she was going for a swim. Was only worried about her Zaskar thats my girl 😃

    Whats with that house way back there always kinda spooky like were being watched. Kinda weird riding through a front yard in the middle of nowhere. Howbout that rooty section at the other side of yard?


    I love the claim signs. 357 Mine, etc. and stuff like “Enter at your own risk.” I rode there right about this time of year, last year, and it was real spooky. There were a TON of hunters wandering around the top area, by Pauly Creek, and I was wearing a green jersey, and tan shorts. I was waiting for one of their drunk asses to take shots at me!

    My best crash on that trail was on Second Divide (I think), after you get through the initial steep stuff, and you open up onto a sandy section that isn’t steep, but it is still downhill and straight. I wasn’t paying attention, and somehow crossed up my front end on the loose soil, and went over the bars doing about 30mph. I can’t believe how far I flew! I landed flat on my back, and knocked the wind out of myself.


    Did you have your horns on you melon cover? That adds to the fun factor 😆


    I don’t think I needed them! I was waiting to hear someone say “Boy, you sure have a pertty mouth” or something like that! With the amount of hunters up there, plus us mountain bikers, I can’t believe no one winds up dead!


    I got one for ya. I had just built a drop, just a little to keep speed up on this trail. I go off of it, land, the front starts to wash out then hits a rock. I think I went over but I don’t know I closed my eyes. All I know is my face hit the dirt hard and slid for a few feet. I hit my leg on something because it still hurts(happened like 3 hours ago)
    pic of my helmet after I somewhat cleaned it
    my front wheel hard


    Mmmmm dirt taste good. 😏

    Riding life all else is waiting


    A couple of buds and I are up above Aptos on the fire road. On the way back down we cut off on to Pig trail it rides along a ridge a while. Then takes a sharp left turn around a tree well not really a turn. When you come to the tree you turn and hop onto a 50+% drop more like a cliff with a run out 😼 . To steep to roll really need to hop onto the face which has a trail about eight inchs wide.

    I hit my bar on the tree turning the wheel 90 to the trail landed on my head. Passed out when I heared the crunch thought it was my neck. Woke up sliding face first mouth open and leaf litter in my throat 😢

    Damage was split helmet, jersey, shorts, bar, seat, gloves, face, shoulder, back, knee to shin, other knee, elbows Uh ego too

    Oh yeah I rode out to the truck


    I dunno what the deal was today, but we both were just suckin’ on terrain we normally clean no sweat.


    I had just made it through a super narrow, steep, rocky, root-filled death-chute. We were running fast after that part, and I hit a pretty tall ledge drop. Instead of rolling it, I thought I’d be slick and hop the thing.
    Well…. I was carrying to much speed, (fall leaves are slippery!), and landed too close to the inside line of the trail. I corrected over a large sloped boulder; which happended to be covered in damp, slippery moss; promptly skidded off into a larger, more flat boulder; promptly bounced off of; and did a half-endo with my Shin-Beaters Mallet pedal kissing my left leg nicely.

    And to make the day complete, I ran through a mud-hole that happened to be filled with compost water and pinch-flatted my rear tire.

    My leg hurts, I have a flat tire on a Sunday in Germany (nothing is open except bars), and my bike stinks…. literally.


    And to think this is why ya got up today 😆

    Riding is life all else is waiting

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