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    So this is an age old question. I’m not sure if this is the right forum to ask about this but here we go.

    I own a 2016 Specialized Rockhopper Comp. Rode it all last summer and I’m ready for upgrades. First it was the pedals, next will be the Race Face low riser handlebar, then a big one for me. So the question stands. The money difference seems to be only $40, so not a big deal. But I’m wondering if the XTs are really that much better. Is the cotter pin vs retaining bolt worth it? Or the dimples on the lever? I don’t know. If you had this same dilemma before, or you just went with one over the other, please give me your opinions and reviews.
    Oh and I mostly ride flowy trails, and some relatively tame singletrack, with some XC.
    Thanks guys

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    Are we talking about brakes, derailleurs… or what here?

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    Hey @EndoPro, I’m guessing you’re asking about brakes? I’d say it’s basically a toss up between the two. The SLX brakes are negligibly heavier. Shimano’s latest XT brakes haven’t been quite as bulletproof as in the past, but they have made running changes to the design. It’s possible that the new SLX brakes are more reliable since they were designed after Shimano learned from their mistakes on the XTs.

    Personally, I’d go for the SLX brakes and spend the extra cash on more parts, or beer.

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    Yes, we are talking about the brakes.

    Drivetrain will have to wait till later.

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    🙂 I had the same question myself, spend a little bit more money and get something “better” or save a bit and get something just as reliable and likely as good…

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    @bikerboy13 with the drivetrain components, it varies a little bit more. If I was buying a new drivetrain (and I will be shortly) here’s what I would go with:

    Cranks: already got ’em, so I don’t need to buy new ones. However, if I were buying cranks, I’d get SLX

    Rear derailleur: SLX

    Shifter: XT, but possibly even XTR – the shifter is what’s going to improve shifting (both precision and feel), much more so than the derailleur. Bike companies usually go the opposite route by using a nicer derailleur and a cheaper shifter, just because a der. is easier to see and explain to the customer.

    Cassette: XT, while the new 11-speed cassettes are heavy as shit, there’s nothing that comes close to the performance and durability of an XT cassette. Especially for the price.

    Chain: XT or SRAM

    I really like SRAM’s 11-speed stuff, but it costs substantially more. The Shimano group above would cost about $200 online. Doing similar mixing and matching with SRAM, the price is around $300.

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    yeah right now it is 2×10. Deore/FD, XT/RD, Deore Cranks, Deore Shifters, not sure what the cassette is but probably the low end Shimano… I was thinking of switching to 1×11 via- Race Face Cranks (probably Aeffect) and RF NW, was thinking of getting a Wolf Tooth 42t/16t and converting the current cassette to 11-42 that would cost 80 but getting a XT cassette like you mentioned would right around 80 bucks as well…. as for the shifter not super fussed, although coming from shifters with each gear marked out getting used to not know exactly what gear i’m in is a new experience 🙂 … The deore shifters have the usual red bar but not dots or numbers to indicate which gear i’m in proving the fairly pointless. I’m guessing the SLX shifters don’t have indicators?

    Actually I was going to upgrade the brakes/ rear shock first…. the brakes are Shimano M315 bottom of the line stuff, i was thinking of going SLX in that area, as for rear shock, Fox CTD, or also the Cane Creek DB Inline which is cheaper than Fox right now on Jenson.

    Or i could just ground all these parts into the ground and upgrade later, i’m a middle schooler paying for most of the new bike so in reality getting new parts isn’t real practical… but when I do get the money I want to have the best possible all round kit so your thought will be appreciated…


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    Thanks everyone for your input.

    I decided to go with the SLX M7000, and they just came in the mail.   Can’t wait to test them out this weekend.



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