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    1994 Iron Horse AT250…still have it…still ride it sometimes…awfully uncomfortable compared to my 2017 Trek Fuel Ex 8.


    2002 Jamis Dakar Sport full suspension. Borrowed it from my boss a bunch of years back and he didn’t ask for it back. Maybe road it 1/2 dozen times over the years. Mainly collected dust for years. Finally truly got into mountain biking this year and upgraded to a 2016 Giant Trance 2 Ltd.


    I still have my Trek Mt Track 820 that i bought new in 1995 but by the color (forest green) i now think it was a 1994. I am keeping it for sentimental reasons of the journeys and places shared with it but do have a modern HT and FS.


    Bought a Specialized Rockhopper back in 2000 or so in UT, I believe it never touched dirt, finally sold it after a few years.


    My first mountain bike was BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike. I really love this bike.


    Cannondale AL1 lefty. Tried to kill me but made me a good rider pretty quick! Was either get good or die trying.


    Schwinn Typhoon with replacement fork. I beat the hell out of it untill it couldn’t take anymore. This ws in 1979 – pre suspension. I saw an article in Bicycling about some carzy guys in Marin county Ca bombing down Mt Tamilpias. Sounded so fun , I thought I’d try it too.


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    A 1987 Jamis Explorer that my Dad passed down to me in about 1994 when I was 13. I still have it. It’s survived my middle school, high school, and college years (including two years in the dormitory bike room, which was a glorified maintenance storage room, getting crushed by other bikes). I’m in the process of fixing it up to become a neighborhood cruiser / campground bike. It has a steel frame, 26-inch tires, a gel saddle, cantilever brakes, one aluminum rim, one steel rim, rear rack, bar ends, a kick stand, and a bell.

    It probably doesn’t make sense to be fixing it up, but it has some sentimental value to me.


    I don’t think I would even count my first mountain bike as a REAL mountain bike (Huffy whocareswhatmodelitwas). I consider my first bike as the one I currently ride, a 2013 Trek 4700 hardtail. I take that bike everywhere, from xc to all mountain trails and it hasn’t broken yet. Although I love this bike, in the near future I plan to take the big plunge and hopefully get a carbon s bronson or 5010.


    1992 Specialized pink and purple Hard Rock. It was the only mountain bike for sale at my local dealer so had to go with it. At the time I didn’t know it was a POS and thought it was the greatest thing ever, it opened a whole new world to me! Heavy, rigid and fun as hell to ride. Put saddle bags on it and rode around the big island of Hawaii…ah memories


    Image result for 1992 specialized rockhopper purple


    A diamond back ascent with no suspension! (what do people even call MTBs with no suspension nowadays?), it was bullet proof with a super comfy gel seat I recall! I reckon approx 25 years ago – way before digital cameras hence I don’t have a photo to share 🙁 !!


    First MTB was a 2005 Norco Bush Pilot with 100mm Suntour Fork and “V” Brakes.  Then I got a Rocky Mountain Flare with mechanical disc’s.  Both were hard tails both were very entry level.  I finally outgrew the limitation of my Flare and my skills are developing further than what I had hoped so I bit the bullet and bought a Trek Fuel EX 8 this week!!!  Common spring!!!


    1994 Specialized Hardrock.  I was in the military and stationed in Scotland at the time, purchased it in Aberdeen.  Logged many good miles in the scenic glens and hills.  When I came up on orders I sold it to a newly-arrived service member, I kinda hope it stayed over there and brought people some enjoyment.  Miss that bike.


    1992 Mongoose Rockadile. Upgraded in 1994 with a Rock shox quad 5 rubber bumper fork.


    First bike I bought was a 1996 Velosport Banff in green.  21 speed, grip shift, bar ends, etc.  First ride I headed out with my siblings to the snowmobile/ATV trails that run through the bush a few miles from home.  Was bombing down a hill and ran over a fallen branch.  It flipped up and went right through spokes on my rear wheel.  Stopped the bike dead, I went over the bars.  Broke three spokes on the rear wheel, had to walk home.

    I put untold miles on that bike, took it everywhere with me.  Took it to Toronto with me last August.  10 minutes into my ride along the waterfront the grip shift housing for the front gears exploded.  I popped the spring off, set it on the middle ring, and rode with 7 gears.  Decided that it was time to stop putting money into the old bike and upgrade.

    In September I bought a 2017 Rocky Mountain Fusion 910 in blue.  Haven’t had to fix it yet, but it has taken a chunk out of me.


    When I was about 13 my dad bought some farmland that had a barn.  The barn had the remains of about 20 bikes, all different sizes, colors, brands, etc but they were all old single speeds.   My friend and I started creating bikes out of all the parts and riding them on the dirt roads and trails on our hill.  Not a big deal when you broke something – just go back to the barn and replace the part or start over if you totaled it.

    My first official mountain bike was a 2006 Trek 6500 SLR I bought on craigslist from a guy who had only used it on the street.  I rode that until I destroyed the stock front fork and decided to get put my $ into a 29er instead of an expensive replacement for for the Trek.  I gave the bike to my son, who uses it around town


    A Scimitar Slalom. A british made bike with 531C butted tubes and Biopace chainrings. Only 3 ever made as far as I know (1985).


    Probably a Mongoose for Walmart. But lets go with my first worthy MTB Specialized Fuse. Very pleased with hardtail fat tire set up. love that you can lockout the fork while cruising down the road to the next trail. what an invention the kick seat adjustment on the fly makes.

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