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    My first real mountain bike was a POS peugeot “black rock mountain”.  total garbage.

    But what I will never forget, is the time (probably 11 years earlier) when my Dad brought home a black MX handlebar, and without a word, took the chrome apehanger off my 20″ kent  boys bike and bolted on the first hop up upgrade in a long line of upgrades that exist to this day. I am not sure what compelled him to buy  parts un-needed for my bicycle (unheard of in my Father’s day) but he kindled an interest in mechanics and upgrading any vehicle I have owned since.



    1995 Ultimax Goshawk 300.  Bought because it was cheap and my car was broken.  Kept it until just a few years ago.


    1991 Specialized HardRock-no sus ;  Moved to CO from MI in 1993 and realized “mountain biking” was a less figurative and more 3D.  Still have that bike and added street tires, fenders and a rear rack that handily works with a kid seat. It’s kind of urban commuter looking.    I also have an 03 Kona  h.t. with 2.4 hardpack tires.


    Huffy Stone Mountain 18 speed (1992)

    How I managed anything on that tank of a bicycle I don’t know. I used to ride stuff on that thing that I would second guess myself on now. Maybe its just because I’m 25 years older and don’t bounce like I used to…..now its more of a thud…..lol


    First real mountain bike ridden was my dad’s sekai in the early 80’s. Heavy but so much better than my bmx for hammering what few trails were in small town Montana.

    First bike I bought myself was a Bridgestone mb-4. Rad two tone fade paint. Didn’t last long. Forks folded on a steep transition and led to cartwheel to bent top tube. The shame lasted longer than the trail rash


    My first real mountain bike was an ’87 Rock Hopper in powder blue with pink decals, BB mounted U-brake and Farmer John tires. Poached many trails in DC at the time and I have ridden ever since.


    My first mountain bike was a ’01 specialized hardrock. Bought it from a friend.


    1992 Raleigh Chill. My wife still rides it on the rails to trails in town.


    My first off road bike was a Huffy mono-shock, back in the mid seventies. The bike was built like a tank, and weighed like one too. I replaced the oversized seat with a ten speed style seat and changed the high rise bars and stripped off the stupid looking fenders. That bike took me to paths in the woods and power line trails that stretched on forever–what a world of fun! For some reason, perhaps after discovering girls and drinking beer, the fun of riding bikes in the woods disappeared.  Though some thirty years later, I rediscovered all that off road fun on a GT Karakoram hardtail twenty-miner–the start of a mountain biking obsession.


    The first bike I took off road and on a “mini bike” trail as we called them in the 70s was a yellow K mart 10 speed. Then I got a BMX bike. Remember this was before mountain biking existed. My first real mountain bike was an orange 1980s Scott Canyon Mountain Bike.


    1997 GT Backwoods (steel is.real)  Center pull brakes, 3 x 7 accera/stx drivetrain, and of course a ridged fork.  Good times…….


    Nice bike you got there Robert.


    1981 Nishiki Cascade,
    Moose bars and thumb friction shifting for 10 speeds!


    My first bike is the one I am still currently riding. It is a Specialized Hardrock 26. I bought it from my friend and riding partner who bought it used. It is a nice bike but is about due for some new grips, pedals, and seat.


    I had a GT Backwoods. I think 1998. It was black with gold decals. I turned my Backwoods into a urban bike in 2005 by putting on 2 inch slicks and a Bomber suspension fork. I had it and rode it until 2013 when i bought a GT Zaskar. Then i gave it a funeral 😉


    I had a Peugot City Express in 1986 in Germany . I know its not really a mt bike. However, at the time the Army PX did not have my small size in a men’s Peugot more knobby tire real rigid mt bike.  Nevertheless it eas .y intro to riding dirt trails. I rode it all over the Fuerth and Munich, Germany dirt trails in the Stadt Parks and had a great time.


    Cut my teeth on a GT Palomar for a few years.  Was more of a hybrid than a mountain bike. My body took a beating on that bike, i.e. fully rigid steel frame.  Broke the rear axle twice clearing obstacles before finally buying a Kona Hei Hei DL.   It was like going from an old 70’s Chevy Nova to a new mid sized luxury sedan… a world of difference in quality of ride.  But that Palomar probably made me a better rider since it forced me to compensate in ways that better bike geometry, suspension, etc does automatically with today’s MTBs.  Amazing what you can do when you don’t know any better.


    I bought a 1992 Raleigh Chill after getting my first job out of college. I moved from Connecticut to West Virginia shortly after that and rode the steep rocky climbs and descents of the Appalachians. Completely rigid! I took some years off as we continued to move around and finally bought a 29er in 2012. My wife still rides it on the rails to trails with the kids on the Michelin Wild Grip’R  tires I bought in 1996!Raleigh Chill


    Wow… my first “mountain”bike? Gonna show my age. I remember replacing my ram horn handle bars on my 10 speed with a flat bar (literally a pipe from the hardware store) in middle school so I could handle the bike while riding on dirt before there were trails, much less single tracks. Rides usually lasted only as long as those skinny tires held up back then, sometimes just a hour or so.  Yup, that was before the likes of Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze, Tom Ritchey, Charlie Kelly, John Frey showed up in the late 70’s.   Good times… 🙂


    1996 Gary Fischer Tassajara.  Was still riding it up until last October, when I was rear-ended while carrying the bike on my rack, and the chainstays were bent.

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