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    My first mountain bike was actually a Schwinn Typhoon that I fitted the biggest knobbies that would mount on those old Schwinn rims, a BMX seat, stem, handle bars and grips. This was around ’82 so I guess it was actually a klunker with the coaster brake and no front brake. It was a blast. My first real mountain bike was a Trek Mountain Track 800. I still have it and its set up as a SS. I wish I still had that old Schwinn.


    My First mountain bike was Kent Truster . because I love Dual Suspension Mountain bike . I think This was awesome experience with this bike . Thank you for remembering me . 


    My first mountain bike was 1999 Schwinn 4banger. Black and red with the first gen Hayes hydro brakes for xc. I secretly envied my cousin with his Kona stab primo but I couldn’t afford/wait that long to buy one. I tried my hardest to make that Schwinn into a DH bike. I still have the frame mounted on my garage wall. I still use some of the original parts from the Schwinn, now on a 2003 KHS hardtail. Now I ride a 2016 YT Capra and I love it.


    Ross Mount Hood with biopace. Early 1980’s



    My first bike was a Voodoo Zeebop full suspension 1997. Rode it and bobbed everywhere. As my enthusiasm for MTB riding increased and the realisation of the non upgrade ability of the Zeebop I got a Scott Strike Pro. This allowed to go further easier and stop better when I fitted Hope disk brakes. Had a spectacular crash which wrapped the bars into to top tube. The ‘S’ was scratched off Strike lol. Next a 1st generation Scott Genius Limited which I still have all original spec with flappy dual gear brake levers (got on ok with them but do not miss them). 6 South Downs Way 106mile and a TransRockies race 2010.  I retired it then. Started running two bikes earlier one for good weather (genius) and a whyteE5 fitted with Rohloff 14speed internal gear hub for Bedfordshire bridleways and mud! Clay! Ride 10 yards collect 10lbs.  WhyteE5 frame cracked so under guarantee got a replacement WhyteE120 carbon frame. Bike still riding today. Now I  build my own bikes.  One built around Pivot5.7 Mach carbon and last year Salsa Bucksaw carbon. See here 2wks old first maiden ride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJW-ynclNXc&sns=em

    Would have liked to put a Rohloff on the fatbike but my budget did not go that far. Plus my aim for the Bucksaw build was a weight under 30lb. The bike as seen in the video less the mud guards came in at 29.6lb, less than my WhyteE120!

    Also along the way I had a Brompton and an OnOne456 carbon built from bits I’ve been keeping for ‘spares’/just in case 😉 in garage. Both for riding to work.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>~1984 Cycle pro Millenium!  Then Trek 7000, then Bridgestone MB-1, then Trek 970, then Litespeed Tanasi, then Rocky Mountain Vertex, then Lynskey Pro 29…  Who knew that Cycle pro would be the gateway to so much fun?  Thanks to Jim Twigg and what was Bob’s bike shop in Palm Bay, now Revolutions in Melbourne Fl for getting me addicted to the MTB thing.</p>


    Since I’m only 22, I don’t have a great first mountain bike story. But my first “bike” was a Target Schwinn Ranger. My girlfriend (now soon to be wife) wanted me to learn how to ride when I was 18 because she couldn’t believe I didn’t know how to ride. I got right up on that bike and rode it without any lessons. I rode it for a couple years and eventually found my obsession with dirt growing. When I finally felt comfortable enough with the prospect of spending some serious money on a bike I sprung for a Last Years Special. I got a 2014 Trek Stache 7 for a steal and it has been an absolute treat to hone my skills on.


    Trek Stache


    My first was a rigid, steel Giant Iguana… and I still have a photo!


    A 1986 Norco Bigfoot that I bought new at the age of 16 w. my hard-earned money mowing the lawn, painting fences, deliver papers. I found another one about a yr ago in my neighborhood, an exact copy of mine, same size, all original  from the grips down to the tires, but for the saddle. I found an original replacement recently, in a burgundy Vetta, from another Bigfoot of the same year and also bought a set of Panaracer Timbuk II tires to match my ride of the time. Had always regretted to have sold it at the time and real glad to have found another one of the same size and all original. This one’s my daily commuter. Don’t know why, maybe it’s me but I can’t add a pic. Sorry.



    haha don’t hate but, I’m still on a department store bike with the plan to upgrade at my LBS some time this year… it is a Roadmaster of all things but, I have a blast on it. lol


    1991 miyata elevation 200.  I still have it, my son uses it occasionally and I use it when pulling baby trailer.  Its like a pickup truck, heavy and tough!


    my first mountain bike was a trek 920 i think . it was a fun bike i was in nyc at the time i rode that thing all through central park. friend was suppose to ship it to me and he never did man was i pissed.


    ’99 VooDoo HooDoo from Supergo Bikes was my first, a 2005 Giant Trance2 was my second and there’s my new arrival, a 2016 KHS650 7200.

    I still have all 3…


    2000 Rocky Mountain Oxygen Race.  I still have, and ride, it to this day:

    Riding the ol’ 26er: An Ode to the Mountain Bike that Started it All




    A 1985 Ross Mt. Hood. I still have it. In fact, I never rode it much and became a bit of a roadie. Last fall I decided to tag along with a friend on some trails and found out how much fun I was missing. Pretty soon it became obvious that my underdeveloped skills were in fact only part of the problem, so a month ago I upgraded to a Specialize Fuse Comp6 Fattie. I’ll never sell the Ross though. It was the first bike I ever bought new. My wife calls it “Rosebud”.


    mine was a purple Hooger booger blaster
    Sold it to my brother in law who still has it


    Like many of you my first mountain biking was not  on a mountain bike. I spent months trying to get my dad’s Schwinn Varsity( road bike 30+ lbs) up the path through the woods behind my parents house without touching down once. This was probably about the same time that the sport was being “invented” on Mt. Tam in the Seventies.  First mountain bike was an REI Novara Aspen(still steel 30+lbs). Second was a  1991 Bridgestone MB-1 hardtail which I’m still riding.


    Schwinn Highplains fully rigid bicycle.  Loved every minute of it and I still have it today.


    had an old specialized rockhopper, one of the original ones, was a hammy-down from my big bro. Went to conondale from there, then now back to specialized! cant get away from it! Stumpy all the way!


    My first MTB was some Repco Gemini or something.


    My first real MTB was a GT Rebound made from cro-mo and a set of Rockshox. That thing was mint, I went everywhere with that thing.


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