What keeps you from riding in the winter?

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    The freeze thaw cycles that keep the trails pretty sloppy unless it’s below freezing. I also hate the idea of shuttling my precious bikes on the back of my car when the roads are caked in sand/salt, as well as trying to keep them somewhat clean after even a short ride.

    To counter the trail maintenance issues, I hit the indoor trainer and go cross country skiing during the winter. I did add a fat bike though this last spring so I’m hoping to finally get some miles in this winter once the snow comes around and decides to stay, but we’ll see what nature has in store.


    Deep snow and ice……

    Winter is my favorite time to ride, along with summer, fall, spring, daytime, and night.



    There is no winter in inland San Diego county, just better riding weather. Of course with the better weather you lose a few hours of daylight so it’s almost a wash.


    Here in New  England it’s the unpredictability of snow conditions…we get snow that is perfect for fat biking followed by rain that ruins everything followed by thaws that create mud followed by subzero cold.  You must take advantage of the good conditions because they don’t last long even though winter last forever!


    winter mud… I just don’t like cleaning bikes in freezing cold. Besides that, me and my fatbike can ride fine above 0 deg.


    Winter is a great time to hone your skills. I love winter riding and letting the bike get drifty in the mud. In Scotland when it’s proper Winter, single track miles drop so you end up sessioning lots more. Armoured trails are not always an option here, but the surface mud usually cuts down to a solid base pretty quickly. The right clothing helps. There is also the period of getting used to letting the bike get sideways beneath you. Love it.


    Nothing stops me, I have a Farley! Love it!

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)

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