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    Can anyone tell me what the deal is with GT? I hear rumors and I am wondering what everyone else is hearing.

    I hear that they are concentrating on Dicks Sporting Goods with low end bikes. And that the majority of their business is in that direction Also that they are not coming out with any new full suspension bikes until 2019 . Sounds to me like they are checked out for a few years. I am a GT fan and would hate to see this happen..IF true


    A bike shop near me carried GT bikes but dropped the brand a year ago. My first bike was a low end (Dick’s quality) GT. I always thought they tried to focus on department store quality bikes and ultra high end enduro/downhill bikes with not too much in the middle ie., $1500-$3500 trail bike territory. This is just a thought but maybe they’re trying to re-invent the brand. I, too always liked GT.


    Didn’t Diamondback and Mongoose basically do the same? I think the issue for a lot of manufacturers is that the high end market is pretty watered down when it comes to brands.  There are dozens of brands, each making several high end bikes.  I don’t think the market can support need or lack there of.  Your average biker can’t afford more than one high end bike and they typically hold onto them for a few years.   There are tons of bikes/brands I would love to own, but like many others, I only have the budget for one.

    At the end of the day, it probably makes more financial sense for GT to focus sales on department stores since the competition isn’t as great.  A low end consumer will identify the GT brand as being tried and true and would typically choose that over a Magna or Huffy.   When it comes to high end consumers, there is so much for GT to compete against.


    What about performance bikes.. do they still carry GT?


    GT was big in Performance stores but when ASI bought them (Fuji, etc) they got fazed out…so now they’re at a crossroads.  They’ve always (in semi recent history) sold bikes to Dick’s and other similar stores, probably increasing their presence there to make dollars and ends meet now that Performance is gone.  But they’ve definitely invested in mountain biking as they’re at all the shows/demo events and have some cool stuff.  It’ll be interesting to see going forward what they do.

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