What are you planning for your 2011 EPIC destination trip?

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    I have no final plans for a big trip myself for 2011, hoping for a long weekend or week long trip around Memorial Weekend and again later in the summer:

    Memorial Weekend (or earlier):
    1) Oakridge, OR (or later in summer)
    2) SW Utah (Gooseberry Mesa, etc.)
    3) Moab, UT (been a few times, but there’s still more to be had!).

    Later in summer:
    1) Sun Valley and Stanley, ID (been there a few times, but still so much more to explore)
    2) Victor, ID and Jackson, WY
    3) Park City, UT
    4) Lake Tahoe area
    5) Colorado high country (e.g., Crested Butte, Summit County).

    I’ve also been thinking:

    Vernal, UT. The recent write up in Bike or MBA peaked my interest, and I might be able to swing by during a work trip.

    Maah Daah Hey, ND. This won’t happen, but it could if I make a trip to visit family in MN from ID.

    So, what’s on your radar for 2011?!?

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    I wanna ride moab,but the lottery would expand this list ALOT!

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    Well for IMBA ‘epics’, I’ll definitely ride Buffalo Creek and possibly Monarch Crest again this year.

    I usually make it to Moab once or twice a year.

    What’s on my wishlist though is to ride the Kokopelli Trail from Fruita to Moab.

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    Looking to hit up Oak Mountain at some point next year. I will probably hit up some Pinhoti trails, Dupont, and FATS again at least once during the year as well. Tanasi, Tsali, and Bull/Jake Mountain are all relatively close as well so they may also get another ride but I’m a little burned out on them so they are no longer too high on my list. None of these are more than a 4 hour drivie from my front door so it’s pretty easy to make a day trip to each.

    Going skiing at Lake Tahoe in late March. Maybe this year I can convince my friends to postpone the trip and hit up the mtb trails instead. 😎

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    Well, it won’t be 2011, but this Thursday I’ll be hitting the 42 mile IMBA Epic out at Santos in Ocala, FL. Been wanting to do it for a while now and since business is slow I’m gonna take a few days off. I’ve only ridden about 30 miles in one crack so should be a good challenge, looking forward to it. 😃

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    Pisgah region: Bent Creek, Black Mountain, Kitsuma, and Dupont
    Chattanooga region
    More Ellijay trails

    and hopefully at least one trip to the Rocky Mountains


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