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    On my annual spring trip to the west slope of Colorado I decided to preview the new Grand Junction Off-Road 40 Grand course so that I’m not racing blind in just a few weeks.  Epic Rides has redone the end of the 30 and 40 Grand races, so if you haven’t checked it out the map is on trailforks.  I broke my video up into 3 parts, for length and to edit out the pavement sections. In part 1 I ride from town to Lunch Loops and then up Tabeguache and Gunny Loop.  In part 2, which I should have up tomorrow, shows the Twist N Shout and Butterknife sections. Finally, part 3 should finish up the series with the new terrain.  I’ll keep posting links as I get them out.

    Trails Ridden:

    Please feel free to leave any constructive feedback and subscribe if you want to see where else I go.


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    The second part of this is up now, lots more singletrack and downhill for your enjoyment!

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    Thanks for sharing.  I”m not going to do the race, but it does look like there’s some new-to-me singletrack I’d like to check out on my next Fruita run.

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      This was my first time checking out the trails around the Lunch Loops and was blown away, kinda sad I had only hit Troy and 18 Rd before that. If you haven’t tried Lunch Loops on Fruita trips, make a point of doing so.

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      The final part of this is now up, this includes the new section of singletrack to finish the Grand Junction Off-Road, both the 30 and 40 Grand.

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    Anyone else headed to Grand Junction for the Off-Road? I’m getting excited to ride this again.

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