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    I’ve been receiving a bunch of emails about the UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup series and I have to admit I’m confused. Here’s a sample description of the race:

    City Mountainbike – Open to all ages! from kids to locals and professional mountain bikers
    Bringing MTB racing into urban settings in city centers. Participate with your club or mountain biking friends and conquer the obstacles!

    Judging by the marketing materials I’ve seen, this┬ápromises to be a pretty big event. The crazy thing is, the only US stop is happening in Columbus, GA of all places. Here’s a (long) video showing off the first event in the series:

    Can anyone explain what this is exactly? Columbus isn’t too far from us, is it worth attending and/or racing?

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    I’ve been getting emails about this as well. My reaction? Meh. A bit of a kooky idea in general and in Columbus? Seems like something that should happen in the metro Atlanta area… or maybe people in Ga should just do a Gone Riding XC race… dirt is more fun and sort of the reason that we all got into this, right?


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