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    I have Bontrager at-850 rims and want to make them tubeless. I would like to go with Orange Seal tape as I have heard many great reviews and no bad ones. The question is what width? My outer rim width is 24mm and the inner is 18mm. The tape they sell is also 24 and 18mm. If I get the 24mm tape will it interfer with the bead and the tire seal. Or if I go with the 18mm will it be enough to seal the tire in the bead. I was also planning on using Maxxis Ikon 3c exo tr 29″ tires if that helps anything.

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    From what I understand, could be wrong is that the main difference between tubeless and non tubeless wheelset is the tubeless does not have the spoke holes as they weld the entire thing and the spokes are essentially mounted. GMBN put out a sweet video on converting and it appeared they used the inside width of the rim to get that seal over the spokes. Hope this helps. Video title “Converting to Tubeless Tyre Setup” on the GMBN Network Channel

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    If the inner rim width is 18mm, get the 18mm tape.

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    Aaron’s right on the tape width.  If you want to go cheap, buy a roll of Gorilla tape ($2.50 at Home Depot) and use that, it works great.  You just cut it to the with you want with a utility knife.

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    I am using the Gorilla tape on the fatty rims this weekend. Will let you know what happens.

    What’s up Gar? How you been. Haven’t talked to you in a while.

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    Hey there Fishboy.  Super busy at work, been keeping me away from more casual surfing.  It’s faculty recruitment time at the university, and that’s what I do….

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    Man I bet after a few days dealing with that you NEED to go ride!LOL   I a m a co tech for Verizon and the same goes for me. I have gone fat now and still have the Flash and loving life!Gotten much better at this  in the last few years. Good to talk to you.



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