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    Im currently treating myself to a new bike in preparation for crank the shield. Both bikes are ’10 models and priced very well.

    I’m used to HT’s and the components of the 9.8 with carbon frame seem tough to pass up. I’ve tested both bikes and they are both fairly nice. I didn’t have a chance to get the EX 9 out on anything technical hence the post.

    Seeing as I have limited FS experience I would like some feedback as to what is preferable, is a FS bike that much more well rounded? Im not against going this route Im just more familiar with HT. I dont ride anything overly technical however at times I’ve often wondered if FS is the way to go. It may expand my enjoyment although moving to Carbon frame seems like a nice plus as well.

    So stay carbon and go 9.8 or move to FS with the Fuel EX 9? Any personal experiences with either of these bikes is appreciated.

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    You can’t go wrong with either of these bikes. If you race or ride smoother XC trails I’d personally go with the hardtail for total responsiveness and weight. But if you do decide on the EX9 and ride a smooth trail you won’t be disappointed either. It’s basically a trail bike with an XC attitude and it begs to be ridden fast. It also has the make to handle a rougher trail without slowing you down or making your body pay the toll. The EX 9 comes with an RP23 for the rear shock and you can put t on lockout mode if you want for climbs. But even if you leave it in normal mode, it hardly bobs unless you stand and mash the pedals. With propedal on, it’s a very smooth and responsive ride even while standing.

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    the 2010 Fuel models have the DRCV and are suppose to be amazing af far as pedaling efficiency. if you have the dough i would go FS, the EX9 would be heavier but way more potential.

    my next bike will be the Remedy 8 tho, i would like the 9.9 but the price is too high and im not sure what type of maintenance the carbon frame requires, and with my trial and error riding style dont think carbon would do well.

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    Great comments all around. I want to go for the carbon frame badly but I have read such great reviews of the FS bikes that I’m leaning towards the fuel ex 9 slightly at this point.

    The carbon was beauty though and perhaps the frame will supply enough absorption that it may be sufficient? any truth to this? I wish I could really take these bikes for a spin, Im not riding overly technical trails in general but at this point I feel like FS may benefit me more than once thought.

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    I was in the same boat as you sevendaymile (well at least in the sense of – do I upgrade to a sweeter hardtail or a full suspension?). All advice I’ve gotten goes for the full suspension, so I’m going for the fuel ex8 (don’t think the wife would let me get away with the ex9 at this point) so I’m behind you going for the 9.8!!

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    Well after much contemplation over the last month or so I do believe I will go for the fuel ex. This seems like the way to go. Thats the plan although wandering into the store never works as planned, its like walking into a music store for me sometimes you get in and strange things happen.

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    i know what you mean man! esp about music stores i walk into a place to buy strings or picks intending on spending $20 at most and walk out with a new pedal…but the bike shop im even worse…

    i think you made the right choice as sweet as carbon fiber is if you crash one of those frames they crack and then you throw away a couple grand….

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