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    It would be cool if the tracker could understand which bike I rode and only import rides of that bike.

    Mountain bike vs commuting bike ?! you know?

    It  be really awesome if all these apps would read the information from the Garmin in the first place and assign it to that bike

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    Good suggestion! We’re actually already doing this, though I’m not sure if it addresses your situation exactly.

    When you add a bike in Strava (this also works for editing), you can tell it whether the bike is MTB, road, track, or cyclocross. Tracker is designed to only import rides on MTB bikes. So make sure your bikes are correctly categorized in Strava… if they are, there might be an issue on our end. 🙂

    We looked at doing direct Garmin imports via the browser a while back but their import function was kind of a mess back then. There are just so many devices now that smartphones are in the mix, we’ve kinda decided to let the big companies like Strava do the hard work of working with various devices so we can just concentrate on organizing the trail data itself.

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    just so you know I select the correct bike in strava but I think this was taking everything over. not just my mountain bike rides.


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    Huh. I know we recently had an issue with someone whose rides weren’t being imported at all. We spent a long time tracking down the issue until we realized the person had the right bike selected (a Santa Cruz Blur) but the bike was accidentally set-up in Strava as a road bike instead of a mountain bike. Once the bike was fixed it started importing correctly…

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    Have you ever used map my ride?


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