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    I’m looking for those hidden gems. Im constantly searching for great places to ride that I can bring my teardrop trailer and camp as well. I’m familiar with many of the regular spots (eg. Flat Rock, Dana peak, etc) but if there are little lesser known places that you’re willing to share that would be cool. Thanks, I look forward to hearing what you have.

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    It’s a big state! 🙂  Any parts in particular?  You mentioned Flat Rock and Dana Peak, so I assume you’re in Central Texas.  Ever ride BLORA on Fort Hood?

    Don;t know what you already know, so at the risk of sharing what you already know…

    Regarding camping and biking, if you want to be off the beaten path, try Big Bend Ranch State Park in West Texas.  Very different, but 9+ hour drive from Central Texas.  Camping in the State Park or National Park there is a different experience, as is the mountain biking (only allowed in the state park).

    Another couple of not so common kind of places are Caprock Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon state parks in the Texas Panhandle.  But these too are a good haul from Central Texas.

    Some of what I would consider “hidden gems” are usually the lesser known MTB trails that some state parks have since they tend to be further from urban centers.  Texas state parks do a great job on MTB trails, which are usually multi use (hiking and biking).  And the maps they provide for MTB’ing are pretty good.  The most recent one I tried for the first time was Tyler State Park.  Here’s a list of Texas state park bike trails… Biking in Texas State Parks

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    I actually live southeast of Houston, on the bay. I am a state parks pass holder and absolutely love the parks, just got back from Huntsville. Which is a perfect place to visit after a big rain. Drains exceptionally well and packs the sand. Headed to big bend in a month, love that area. Something for y’all to consider is davis mountains fitness camp, it’s awesome. Unfortunately when I briefly lived in the panhandle I was busy riding horses not bikes, so I must return.  Thanks for the reply, I’m curious to hear what folks have to say. God bless Texas.

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    If you’re looking for great places to ride – and camp – you should definitely consider Palo Duro as suggested by fredcook.  While not necessarily a hidden gem – it’s Singletracks’ top ranked trail system in TX – it’s got it all, i.e. a variety of trails from beginner to expert, numerous camp sites and phenomenal views.  Had an opportunity to ride there recently and was blown away by the surroundings.  It’s a bit of a hike from where it sounds like you’re located but it’s definitely one for the bucket list.

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    My wife’s co-worker just brought the Good water trail around lake Georgetown to my knowledge. It looks and sounds pretty cool. Anybody ridden it?

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      I have not ridden Goodwater yet, but have it on my list the next time I pass through Central Texas.  Gotta love that Swiss cheese looking limestone outcropping (trail description photos).

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    Booked a site for July, so I’ll find out soon .

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    I’ve never been there but I’ve heard Cameron Park in Waco, Texas is pretty good and has some nice elevation.  Check YouTube videos and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  McAllister Park, OP Schnabel Park, and Government Canyon in San Antonio, Texas aren’t too bad either.

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    Surprised Dinosaur Valley SP didn’t get mentioned.  Bit out of your way for Centex, but not as far as Palo Duro by a longshot.


    Its going to be somewhat similar to some of the Centex trails (that area is a lot like the Hill Country, if a bit flatter and more non-Cedar trees).  There’s also a privately owned, but open to the public trail in that general vicinity called Solavaca Ranch.  They don’t do camping anymore except for groups.

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    I rode the Goodwater saturday morning. It was certainly challenging. The rocks are relentless. It was a great adventure. The area is gorgeous, the lake felt incredible after the ride. I would highly recommend this place. It’s definitely a gem.

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    Thanks for letting us know.  I’d recommend writing a review for the trail.  I find the trail reviews posted by riders very helpful, especially the most recent reviews.


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