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    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720"]IMG959923.jpg GIANT Boulder[/caption]

    Hey I am just getting back into biking. I’ve been riding my dads old Voodoo. Which is a great old bike, but is a little undersized for me. A buddy of ours has this GIANT for sale for $100. Looks like its in great condition, and its a “large”. Which I am assuming would be a 19 inch frame? The only question I have is about the shape of the frame itself. Almost looks like a ladies frame?…. I ride moderately hilly and technical trails, nothing crazy. I wont be in the market for a new bike until next spring. So Ill ride this for a year. Any info on the bike would be great. Thanks.

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    I think you’re getting no response because no image showed up and you didn’t give us a year to comment on. The Boulder is a solid entry level bike. If it’s a couple years old, that’s an awesome deal. If it’s a decade old, less so. Test ride it and let your heart be your guide.

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    Boulders are about $350 new.  I’m guessing it’s a bit old, the components and fork are probably pretty worn.  It would keep you riding for  bit, maybe enough to save for a new bike!


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