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    hi, how does the stumpjumper evo 2019 compare in performance to the trek remedy or slash??? Which is more fun for jumps, skids, sharp corners, cuties and all out speed doing all those things. A real shredder??? Trail carver. And why??? I’m still at a loss cause they all sound so great???

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    Because Enduro races only time the downhill portion of the course, Enduro bikes are really mostly downhill bikes with just adequate climbing ability. If where you ride has long steep technical descents you would be well served by an Enduro bike. The downside of the Enduro bike is that it can be heavy and slow rolling on the climbs or flats. Consider the two extreme types of Enduro bikes. The first I will call Enduro Trail which might have 140mm rear/150mm front travel, 27×2.3 tires and less long, less slack Enduro geometry. The Enduro Trail would be fairly light, fairly nimble, climb descently, but might lack a bit on the descents. The second I will call Enduro Extreme which might have 170mm rear/175mm front travel, 29×2.6 tires, and very long, very slack Enduro Geometry. The Enduro Extreme would descend almost as well as a Downhill bike but would be heavier and less ride-able everywhere else. So what do you want? A Downhill bike that climbs or a nimble long-travel Trail bike or something in between. Pick a tire size and width, pick travel length, pick geometry, and then go find that bike.

    I would pick the between—something with 29×2.6 tires, ~150mm rear travel, but not overly long and slack geometry—Ibis Ripmo, Scott Genius, Specialized Stumpjumper (not EVO). I just don’t ride enough long steep technical descents to feel that Enduro Extreme would be right for me. However, only you can decide what’s right for you. Don’t get caught up in the Enduro Extreme trend unless you can really make use of that type of bike.

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    You need to test ride them dude, I can only really say what I’ve said before.
    Probably out of all of them, the Remedy will be the most ‘fun’ in terms of being nimble whilst still being fast. That’s why I bought mine over a Slash. I found the Slash too cumbersome at slower speeds. It’s a high speed race sled. The Stumpy Evo will probably be the same.

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    I can’t speak about the Stumpy, but I have had both a Remedy 8 and Currently have a Slash 8. The Remedy was a fun bike in tight stuff, rocks and jumping roots. The Slash rolls over everything and is fast, real fast and stable. For the first few rides I found myself coming into corners much faster than I thought I was going, and it took a bit of time to get used to switchbacks on the 29er. If I was not racing enduro the Remedy would be the big bike of choice, but the the Slash is straight up faster. That said I have a Fuel EX for the more XC climbing kinda days. Hope this helps!

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    Love and have ridden all 3 bikes.  Stumpy and Remedy are pretty comparable, the Slash would be comparable to the Specialized Enduro.  Remedy would be my pick for the most versitile bike you can buy- climbs great and can absorb any downhill trail most of us can ride- have taken mine down Black diamond trails at ski resorts.  I currently ride the Slash and it is my favorite, but favor downhill and don’t find it’s uphilll capabilities to be a problem.  Can’t go wrong with any of them!  My Slash is 27.5, new ones are 29 I think- that’s a deal killer for me.

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