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    Hello, I am upgrading to an 1×11 setup.  Am going to go with SRAM GX Shifter and RD with the M8000 11-42 casette. lists the SRAM GX 1×11 RD as a long cage (no option for other sizes) and they have a separate listing for SRAM GX 2×11 which gives you a choice of Med or Long.  I am unsure which to order and looking for some guidance.  Thanks.

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    Hi there Evol,

    If you’re going to a 1×11, then you’d be ordering the 1×11 RD, so no decisions necessary, correct?

    In regards to the cage sizes, a longer cage length allows more chain to be taken in, so you really can’t get too long of a cage, however you could get too short of one.  I’ve run long cages on every bike I’ve owned with no ill side effects.

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    Schwim – thanks for the info!  I had read on a couple of forums that long cage dr was mostly for 2-3 rings and shorter ones for 1 ring.  Good to know I ordered correct one!

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    A normal 1×10 could use a shorter cage but the 1×11 has a spread on the rear from 11 all the way to 42 instead of 32 or 36.  You’ll want the longer cage to take up that additional slack.

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    Yeah, go with the long cage. I used to run short cage derailleurs on my 1×9 and part of the thinking was it takes up more chain slack so you drop your chain less often. Of course that isn’t an issue with the narrow-wide 1×11 system and like schwim said, you need more length to get up to the 42 cog.

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    I don’t think it’s actually a “long cage”… I think Jenson either mislabeled the derailleur, or has some sort of weird naming convention, as there’s only one 1×11 derailleur option for GX. As long as you got this one: you should be good.


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