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    Where would one be able to purchase the jockey cage? When I bought my new bike within the first ride I had something caught in the bottom jockey wheel and it bent my jockey cage like crazy. Went to a my LBS and they said they could fix it but that one part costs a bunch or I could just buy a whole new derailleur. I ended up upgrading to a GX derailleur but I still have my NX one just sitting there. So I would like to find the NX jockey cage and maybe fix it myself? This way I could have a spare derailleur for my unlucky self. lol

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    I bent my GX derailleur cage and had the same thought. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the part for sale and the broken derailleur sits on my shelf. Ended up buying a new GX derailleur. 🙁

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      Yeah, I don’t know what to do. There’s no way to contact SRAM directly so…

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    Anndddd, I just figured out how to directly call them and their warranty and parts department said that there is no way to get a spar part for the outer cage. They have one for the inner cage but not outer. So pretty much it’s just a Christmas tree ornament from here on out. Yippy!

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    It might be worth checking these guys out: They make replacement cages for both 11 and 12 speed Sram derailleurs. Not to mention they come in colors!

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      Good to know about that option! Sadly at $68 it costs more than a brand new NX derailleur, but at least it’s less than a GX.

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    In my experience NX will just break again anyway and not worth putting any money into. I’d have sent you my old NX cage but I threw out the whole derailuer after the tension spring for the pulley cage randomly blew out. Upgraded to GX, broke a tooth on a pulley wheel within a month. Got fed up with sram breaking and went back to Shimano. No problems since.

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      Got fed up with sram breaking and went back to Shimano. No problems since.

      Haha, there you go. Problem solved!

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      To follow up, I have to admit an old GX derailleur on a 2011 Giant lasted for many years, but the new sram stuff lasted for a few months at best. Only reason why I have run sram is that it came stock on my last two bikes. I am old school into Shimano since the mid 90s and never liked grip shift back in the day. But as I mentioned in previous post, recent sram derailleurs have broken on me without a crash or impact. All Shimano all the way again for me!

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