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    I noticed the new Santa Cruz Nomad “S” comes specced with SRAM GX Eagle 1×12.  Does anybody have the specifics of the new 2018 GX Eagle drivetrain?  Somebody in China already has a mini groupset up for sale on eBay for $435.  I’m hoping that the cassette, shifter, RD, and chain sell for less than that, though, because that would be almost $200 just for a single extra gear/cog.

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    Not sure if this price is indicative of where the MSRP will come in. This could just be a case of people charging a premium since the group hasn’t even been officially announced yet.

    That being said, I’m sure it will be more expensive than a 1×11 GX group.

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    Yeah I’m sure the price will be lower than that.  I think around 125% of the GX 1×11 component value would be ballpark after things settle down, just based on what the XX1 and X01 Eagles go for compared to their 1×11 counterparts.

    Weight-wise it seems pretty decent, adding only about 120g compared to bottom-line GX 1×11 components.

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    According to what we’ve heard, official details on SRAM GX are embargoed for now. We’ll be sure to post when we have more info!

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    Also FYI for everyone, photos and a little (very little) info, here:

    Santa Cruz Drops All-New 4th Generation Nomad and Juliana Strega, Leaks SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 Photos

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    SRAM even has a GX Eagle page on their website that’s been picked up by Google, though as of this morning it’s blank.

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    Official photos from SRAM:


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    At under $500 for the whole thing and less if you don’t change your cranks (11 speed chainrings are compatible), it’s a steal. At this point there is no reason that any mountain biker needs a front derailleur.

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    Am I correct that anyone running anything other than a x11 rear cassette would have to change out their rear hub to run this setup?  From my reading, that seems to be the case.

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    Yes, you would need an XD driver to run these SRAM 12 speed cassettes.


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