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    Purchased a specialized crosstrail bike from the local specialized dealer, the specialized bike caused injuries to my wife. The specialized bike caused my wife to be launched over the handle bars to the pavement. We would not want this to happen to anyone else. The jammed components were observed on the crosstrail bike and it was returned to the dealer and noted on a tag by the dealer.

    After the injuries occurred, (caused by the specialized bike) some online research for jammed specialized crosstrail provided similar problems posted, by other owners about their own crosstrail bikes.

    The specialized response has cost us hundreds of dollars in out of pocket costs to deal with and they seem insensitive to our concerns about the bike issue and the actions of their unethical local specialized dealer. At one point specialized blocked my email about the safety concern and when I called, specialized hung up on me while I was still speaking (requesting information). Specialized has been mailed letters over the course of a year with regard to the concern. No one I attempted to contact at specialized expressed sympathy for my injured wife.

    At this point, from our perspective we are completely dissatisfied with the specialized bike that has caused injuries to my wife and their specialized dealer who acted in an unethical manner. We have not been on a bike since the day the specialized bike caused injuries to my wife! The company seemed to not care about us and at this point, given the circumstances, would not be considered for purchase of or to ride a specialized bike.


     the specialized bike caused injuries to my wife.

    “My wife injured herself while riding a Specialized bike.”

    There, fixed that for ya.

    Opinion: Accept the Risks and Be Self Sufficient, or Don’t Mountain Bike


    I found numerous identical posts and cross-posts from the OP on bike websites as well as non-bike websites since November of last year. Many of the responses show that the story is full of holes. Pictures of front derailleur issues, descriptions of rear derailleur issues, etc. The tune has changed over the months from Specialized being at fault to the bike shop being at fault. There is still no acceptance of the idea that rider error may have been involved.

    I don’t wish an injury on anyone, and if the OPs wife was injured, I hope she is able to recover fully.

    It aggravates me that it was this post that brought me out of my lurker status.


    “The jammed components ”   kind of vague

    …So was it the front or the rear derailleur?  also maybe a kinked/bent  chain could have added to the fact that it was probably user error.

    I can’t reiterate enough, pre–ride checks are soooooo important.  Also, I go OTB quite often on a properly set up bike (: …It does happen.

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