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    My mountain bike has a 3 x 9 drive train and I was wondering if I could get one shifter remote that controls both the front and rear derailleur, not including the Shimano electric shifter. If so what company makes it and what’s the model.


    Are you looking for something that basically has just two levers (up / down) to control both derailleurs? I don’t think this would work very well without using electronics, but athletes with physical handicaps have been known to rig up one-handed shifting for two derailleurs like this:

    Photo credit and more info:


    I would personally swap out that crankset for a 1x in the front, scrap the front derailleur, and just using your rear derailleur (9-speed).  Do you really need that front derailleur? Extra weight, extra complexity, and another thing that can get broken. But 1x is not for everybody either.


    I converted my 3×9 with an 11-36 cassette to a 1×9 because I almost never used anything but the 30t middle ring. I changed it to a 1×9 with a 32t oval main ring and switching the cassette to a wide ratio 11-40; which required adding a Wolf-tooth road link so the derailleur could clear the larger ring. This doesn’t give you as much range as 3×9 but has worked fine for me.


    Another option that might work is getting a grip shifter to use for the front derailleur.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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