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    New to riding/the riding community! Was looking to see if there where any riders in SM who would be down to hit the trails together! Please keep in mind that i am fresh to the sport, so I will be much slower than the more advanced riders!

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    I don’t ride regularly down there (I’m in North Texas), but just wanted to say Welcome to the sport!

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      Thank you! So far I love it!

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      I live and ride in San Marcos.  I mainly ride with my wife though.  We ride 3-4 times per week, usually at Purgatory, Spring Lake, or Madrone at Canyon Lake.  Just like you, our first trail was Ringtail Ridge!

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      Very cool! Do you have any tips, or trails I should venture to next? I plan on going to Walnut Creek in Austin next if the weather is permitting.


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