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    New to riding/the riding community! Was looking to see if there where any riders in SM who would be down to hit the trails together! Please keep in mind that i am fresh to the sport, so I will be much slower than the more advanced riders!

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    I don’t ride regularly down there (I’m in North Texas), but just wanted to say Welcome to the sport!

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      Thank you! So far I love it!

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      I live and ride in San Marcos.  I mainly ride with my wife though.  We ride 3-4 times per week, usually at Purgatory, Spring Lake, or Madrone at Canyon Lake.  Just like you, our first trail was Ringtail Ridge!

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      Very cool! Do you have any tips, or trails I should venture to next? I plan on going to Walnut Creek in Austin next if the weather is permitting.

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    Im in Kyle, but consider Purgatory one of my home tracks.  Thats a rough one for starters, there is a group ride out of ATX bike Shop on Tuesday wheels down at 6pm and has serval levels of groups. There is a no drop ride group too and is great for starters plus the southie trails are much easier than San Marcos. Hopefully we can all ride within  the next month haha

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      Has rain been dampening Central Texas riding as bad as North Texas?

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      Yeah the rain has been coming down in South Texas for about a month pretty consistently. I was able to sneak a small ride in about a week and a half ago, but other than that its just been too wet to get out there! Praying for better weather in November!

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      Do you know which bike shop they leave out of, or where they meet? that definitely sounds like the sort of thing id like to do! Probably would opt to ride with the group doing the drops though! I like a challenge!

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    Check this site out for ATX meetups


    The Austin Mountain Bikers Meetup Group

    Austin, TX
    3,441 Mountain Bikers

    Meet other local mountain bikers to organize rides, review trails, gear and trade tips. All skill-levels welcome. We’ll try to organize rides that fit all experience levels. M…

    Next Meetup

    ARR Trail Crew / Berms and drainage rollers

    Sunday, Oct 21, 2018, 9:30 AM
    7 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →


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