Problems with pressfit bb? Have you tried a thread-together bb?

Forums Mountain Bike Forum Problems with pressfit bb? Have you tried a thread-together bb?


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    Many bikes now come with pressfit bottom brackets (bb’s). I have a bike with a pressfit bb and that thing has always been creaking and grinding and noisy. Even after replacing it, it got cranky (ha ha) in no time. Bike manufacturer’s love pressfit bb’s because they are cheaper and easier to manufacture than threaded bb’s and especially so for carbon frames which are difficult to manufacture with threads . However, if the pressfit cups are mis-aligned and the bearings don’t seat perfectly then the bearings wear prematurely and they creak. I recently discovered that there is a new type of pressfit bb where the cups thread together which should keep them perfectly aligned and solve the problems of mis-aligned cups. Hope Tech and Wheels Mfg make thread-together bb’s. Have you tried a thread-together bb? Do they work? Are they worth buying?

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    Yup.  It’s the common fix.

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    Good to hear they work.  I’ve got a Wheels Mfg thread-together BB in my tool box in anticipation of the next time my pressfit BB gets “cranky”.

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    Should all pressfit bb’s come with come with thread-together cups?


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