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    Here’s my sweeties:
    I threw in both because we don’t want one gettin’ jealous 😃

    Here’s the adress … 4104/show/



    My slightly upgraded Dicks Warrior 1.2 special. I love this bike.


    My Gary Fisher Hifi Plus




    Well here are my two rigs:

    The 1st is my Dirt Jump/ Urban Bike

    The next one is XC race machine:

    It is a KHS Alite 3000 and I love this frame.
    Check out the carbon( no that isn’t carbon over metal tubes either)lol


    Just after a nice wash and chain cleaning (I had taken it to the beach, it was covered with salt).. aside from the Cateye computer and Trek seat bag, the bike is bone stock. Sure is fun to ride, though..



    Here’s my pride and joy. Man, I love this bike…
    ’07 Specialized Enduro Pro SL Carbon w/ Syncros DS28 Rims



    All is good and I’m loving this weather. Been riding like a fool. 😃


    Just picked this puppy up at free flite in Marietta Georgia. Haven’t hit the trails with it but man its been fun doing a little urban riding with it. Have nothing bad to say about it!

    Oh, and the guys at free flite are simply awesome! Michelle and Travis were great to work with and very accommodating. It was worth the 1000 mile round day trip. You guys really need to do something about 75 between Macon and Adel though, thats just ridiculous in the rain..😀


    Here are my two rides:
    08 Trek 4300 and 07 Trek Fuel EX6.
    I just recently picked up the Fuel, and I love it. I keep the HT for the road riding I do occasionally, and use the FS when I ride out in Alafia, Santos,etc. I plan on heading west in May, so the FS is going with me. Moab and Fruita should be comfy with the Fuel.


    Well thats a nice Gary Fisher and the Trek fuel looks like it will be fun…Enjoy Guy’s


    2009 Opus Maadh1
    Stroker Aces
    Mavic Crosslines.

    I love the art work.[/img]



    my new and first real bike…just gettin into it but im lovin it…[/list][/url]


    I have been eyeballin one of these myself, I am looking at a couple of used bikes but if they dont measure up Ill be riding a RIZE too!
    Love the Made in the USA part!


    havnt rode the bike yet shoud be ready friday.. im pretty sure im gonna love it as its my first real bike and i cant compare it to anything….

    have you heard any good / bad things about it…??


    There seems to be a lot of bikes in this price range, $22- 2500, almost too many choices, High end bikes w/low end components or low end bikes w/high end compnents, this model seemed to have decent frame and components for the $ spent.
    Myself after having a couple bikes want to get back to the VPP style rear suspension and I want adjustable forks- no more of the ‘one tension fits all riders regardless of their weight’ front ends for me. So really, the FOX components, frame style and the Canondale name has me sold, in the price range Im looking at.


    thanks for the info my man….


    ‘08 TOMAC Snyper 140-1




    5“+ travel both ends
    Fox Float 32 RL
    Fox 23 RP
    Shimano XT & XTR
    Avid Juicy Carbon w/8â€


    Those snipers are really cool looking dude.I almost test rode one at fruita fat tire festival last year but they already had the bikes loaded up in the trailer.


    After 21 years I’ve decided to retire my Specialized Stumpjumper Comp and buy a Full suspension ride.

    Due to availability I’ve decided on a Haro Extreme X6 Comp. So far Im very pleased with it. The transition from a rigid to full suspension ride was a little bit more difficult than I expected but after a few rides the Haro has swayed me.


    After 21 years I’ve decided to retire my Specialized Stumpjumper Comp and buy a Full suspension ride.

    Nice full susser dude,how do you like it so far?I bet you got some gettin used to it after 21 years on a rigid.Which by the way,I would love to see a pic of your stumpjumper if you got one,I ride an 07′ stumpjumper so I’m curious to see you olde sj stand by.[/quote]

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