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    I am running 2.35 front and rear and still having some issues with front tire washing out under cornering at speed. Admittedly some of it is related to me improving my skills but hard, dusty, Georgia clay doesn’t bite all that well either. So I ended up going tubeless and running lower pressure. Better but still not ideal. I figured what the hell let’s flip front tire and see what happens. I have great traction now at the cost of slower rolling speeds, and deminished breaking but I don’t jump on front brake often but is a good trade off for me. Tires won’t last as long but I’m ok with it. I just thought Id share my experience with this bc I’m sure someone else is googling away looking for some relatable info. Good, bad, indifferent, think I’m an idiot, it’s OK and it works FOR ME. 


    No worries


    just pin it and grin it when you ride!!


    Good to hear the improvement. I wouldn’t mind the wear either as long as the needed traction is there.


    Simple inexpensive fixes are the best. However keep in mind when choosing a front tire that it’s weight and tread pattern have pretty much zero effect on acceleration. Hence many (myself included) choose wider and more aggressive front tires. I have done this for years typically going with a 2.5″ tire, but the new flavor. The most popular tire for this today is the Maxxis Minion DHF and the Specialized Butcher is excellent too. Running one of these beasts tubeless below 25 pSI (I run my front at 24 PSI or less and I’m 210 lbs) will provide mad traction.


    I’ve read good things about the Maxxis. My LBS had the Pisgah on sale for $24.y bike came standard with TCS WTB rims so I was able to convert to tubeless for $75. I will likely try the Maxxis next though the Forte Pisgah are working well. Just couldn’t pass up the deal!


    The Forte Pisgah tires obviously aren’t designed for high performance, but that’s interesting that you found they work better “backward.”

    Just a couple nights ago I washed out my front tire due to (currently) dry Georgia conditions, and I think my wipeout might’ve been caused by a little tire squirm/sidewall flop. What kind of pressure were you running when you had the problem? After you reversed the tire, were you still running the same pressure?


    I washed out running tubed at 50lbs. Converted to Tubeless at 50lb and reverse mounted and traction got way better. From there I tinkered with pressures  down to 35 found improvement. found that 25ish is my zone. The blocks bite well reversed. My rides are mainly half climb half decent at allatoona Creek, Blankets, Big Creek, Rope Mill, etc… I’ve basically been running trial by fire in corners I know.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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