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    Who’s going to the Bentonville Outerbike October 26-28th?

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    I’d love to go and I’m definitely contemplating it.  Problem is I have a conflict that weekend that I may not be able to bow out of.

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    OuterBike starts this Friday!  Not planning on any demo’s, but will certainly ride as much as possible, and plan to enjoy the lunches, happy hours, and of course the Dirty 30 celebration.

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      E Bikes allowed?

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      Outerbike is where companies try to push their high profit goodies so yeah, there will be lots of e-bikes.

      They’ve actually been a fixture at Outerbikes for a few years now.

      Ashley Korenblat, former IMBA director who now owns Western Spirit and runs Outerbike, has completed the transition away from access advocacy to full fledged corporate schill.

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      Yup, E Bikes are allowed,  In fact, here are e bike demos available.


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