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    We’ll be heading to Oakridge, OR at the end of May for a weekend of riding.  Any recommendations from folks with experience riding, eating, and enjoying a beer or two in the area?

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    Greg wrote up a good article about the scene in Oakridge a couple years ago:

    Ride Report: Larison Rock + Off the Bike in Oakridge

    Aaron was there more recently so I’m sure he can chime in with some recommendations…

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    Also, the Alpine Trail is definitely the marque ride in the area–be sure to check that out: http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-trails/ride-report-alpine-trail-oakridge-oregon/

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    Thanks for the reference articles – without a doubt, the Alpine Trail is one the bucket list and will be a highlight of the weekend.  We’ll definitely take a look at shuttling Larison Rock as an option. Thanks for the input.

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    As long as you’re shuttling and staying a few days, I would do the Double Shuttle which is a full day between Lawler and Hardesty. These are fairly techy downhills with some short punchy climbs. Amazing stuff though and well worth the money. Also, you have an option on Alpine to do straight Alpine or branch off onto the Tire Mountain to Cloverpatch as an add on. I would recommend the “ATCA” version, but be aware this extends your ride another 2 or so hours depending on how strong you’re feeling. Pack a couple lunches for that one.

    We ate both nights at what seemed to be the only public house in town. Don’t remember the name but it’s up in town off the main drag. It’s basically where everyone from out of town goes. Good vibes there. Somebody told me there was a decent mexican place but we didn’t check it out. Oakridge is kind of a sleepy old mining town despite it having wonderful MTB and other outdoor options so don’t anticipate a bustling resort type feel.

    Where are you coming from?

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    Thanks Chris – we’ll check out the ATCA and entertain the idea of the “Double Shuttle.” We have a mix of riders with different downhill capabilities so we’ll have to balance our desire for gravity with keeping everyone safe. Generally speaking, everyone has a deeps set of lungs and ATCA may be a good option.

    We’ll be driving from Seattle – looking to drive midway to check out some other trails but haven’t figured out where that may be…

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    Cool. If you’re cruising down I-5, could check out my home trail, Cold Creek (AKA Tarbell) outside Vancouver, WA for XC or enduro DH if you can shuttle yourselves. Also along the 5 on the Oregon side is Black Rock and Alsea Falls. From the description of your group’s ability, I would do Alsea before Black Rock. As always, check out Sandy Ridge if you’ve never done it before.

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    Brewers Union Local 180 (www.brewersunion.com)  for eats and beer.    Just in case you tire of all the fun downhill stuff.  The Gold Lake to Bobby Lake trail is a beautiful XC ride just a bit outside of town.


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