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    Thanks @kenwrightjr, I have no intention of getting rid of My Precious, as that’s what I call her.    An FS bike will happen when the stars align, but for now I will ride her like a rented mule.

    So far I put new flat pedals, new Race Face low riser bar, getting new grips, and my new SLX brakes just came in the mail.   A new, shorter, stem will complete my projected upgrade and drain my budget.  Then onto a new fork and possibly a dropper post.  But that’s later down the road.   Thanks for the input and I appreciate all the positivity, especially as I am a noob in the MTB thing, but loving every minute of it.

    Side note, I played soccer all my life, even played on an international level, and only started mountainbiking after 3 knee surgeries, and no longer being able to run. I don’t ever remember thinking I was superior to anyone just starting to play soccer or not having the Gucci gear I had, and being a “soccer snob”, so I can’t stand when people get “gear snobbish” about someone starting to MTB, like myself.   This is not directed at anyone, just a general statement.

    So, thank you all for your comments.  I am now saving for a new fork……just because th one I currently have is not good.  No other reason.



    I got my recon from a LBS.  It was actually a trek shop where i get my 10 year old sons bikes. They are just nicer and seem to understand the upgradeitis a little better than bikesource. Honestly, i probably would have even went with a sector or 30 but they found a great deal on the recon.  Bought it in December so i don’t know if deals are better then or not.  Good luck and i rode yesterday and really have fun on this bike.  I have also upgraded pedals and grips and its getting dialed in.  I still have problems with my 3x system but am holding firm in just having regular maintenance to solve those issues.


    You’re welcome Ken! You’ll love the Pike, it’s a great fork.

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)

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