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    I am fond of mountain bike by someone else and i want start with that. Problem i see a lot of brands and i don’t know what brand i must buy. Surly is for me most of all okay for price and health but i see more thing in other brands. Can someone help me what i must buy for starter mountain bike. I want spend 1400 USD for bike with satisfaction byexample good brand with brakes, tires, crank and other small things. I am sure to do it because when i was young i did bmx as kid with brand helping guy for cross as boy. Thanks for helping.

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    Best way is to go demo some bikes. With your budget you might look into a nice used steel frame 27.5+ hardtail.  Check out the bikes for sale on Pinkbike.

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      Head over to your local shop and test ride some bikes, they can point you into the right direction, with their knowledge of local trails.

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    About the only decent FS bike under $2000 is the Giant Stance. Fair bike, medium quality components, easily will handle up to intermediate trails. I have one, it was my first FS bike. I still ride it on easier trails.

    As far as hardtails, most name brands (Giant, Specialized, Trek, Scott, Santa Cruze, Pivot, Cannondale, and a bunch of others) are good quality, most have about the same components. Look for a bike with full air fork. And find one that feels good to you.

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    $1400 isn’t enough money to buy a descent full suspension bike so you should probably buy a Plus hardtail. I would probably go with a well known brand that your local bike shop carries. The 29+ Trek Stache, 27+ Trek Roscoe, and the 27+ Specialized Fuze are three Plus bikes that come to mind. I would go take a test ride on those 3 bikes and see what you think.

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    There are lots of great sales going on now as the 2019 models comes in.  Aside from what others have suggested if you really  want to buy a new FS bike you should check this one out:

    Reviews of the Mission 1 have been very good and the components are solid for the price.

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    Great suggestion on the DB Mission 1. I happen to own one. Fox suspension (160 front & rear), Race face + Sram drivetrain. Only thing I added was a KS dropper and Wolftooth remote. Nice enduro/AM ripper.

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    Great price on that Diamond Back… it is a single pivot suspension, so it may not be a great climber, but should be a very good overall bike to start with.

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    Aside from testing bikes at demos or renting, I would go with a 27.5 plus hardtail. Salsa Timberjack, Diamondback Mason and Vitus Sentier+ come to mind.

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    The diamond back can be a  good overall bike to start with. Have you checked the suspension?

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      Really need to have a look at the Marin Hawk Hill and Rift Zone.  The “1”  level is right in your budget and they did a great job with inexpensive but decent components.

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    I would put the Salsa Timberjack 29er hardtail on your list of bikes to try. It comes with 29×2.6 tires on i29mm (i=inner width) rims which makes it a 29+ bike. 29+ bikes make the best Plus hardtail trailbike you can get.

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    I’ve recently decided to try mtn biking as it looks fun and am also looking for a MTB, preferably a FS. I’m a roadie but it seems MTB has more thrills – by a long shot. I’m up there in age but I think I need a bit more heart pumping action. With that said, I keep getting ads from So I checked out their site and it seems they only sell cheap bikes – brands I’ve never heard of. Has anyone bought a MTB from them? If so, could you tell me the quality of the bike?

    The entry level FS bikes I’m looking into are the DB Atroz 3 and the 2018 Marin Hawk Hill 2 (which has a 1×11 drivetrain and a dropper post).

    If anyone has any of these bikes, I’d appreciate to get your thoughts are on it, thanks!

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