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    Hi all, looking for suggestions on sunglasses.  This is the one piece of gear I just can’t get right.  Most important criteria are: anti fog, don’t make face hot and price.  I typically wear only for eye protection and don’t prefer a lot of tint.

    It’s gotten so bad I’ve started taking my glasses off all together on climbs.  Just can’t keep the darn things from fogging.

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    Based on my experience, I don’t think it’s possible to make a completely fog-free lens. 🙂 Some are better than others, and while there are all kinds of glasses with anti-fog coatings, the ones with the best ventilation (less wrap-around coverage) tend to fog the least.

    Check out the Swanks from Tifosi. They’re inexpensive and are pretty well ventilated.

    Stylin’ Mountain Bike Sunglasses Throwdown

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    Checkout Rudy Project.

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    I like Pugs. Not mountain bike specific but they are cheap and polarized. Cheap enough I have a pair of dark lenses for sunny days and a yellow tint for low light. I have some that allow some airflow through to keep fog down. Usually only fog when I stop but once I am going no issues.

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    Safety glasses from Lowe’s or Home Depot

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    There’s anti-fog coatings and highly ventilated designs that can work together to eliminate fog.  Some of the more radical Oakley designs apparently are effective at this, along with Smith.

    I wear primarily for eye protection and also to prevent the what I call the dapple effect in the woods on sunny days.  Glare protection is a distant third.

    I found Julbo’s Zebra Light lenses, which change color and are the rose/amber tint, to be pretty effective.  As long as I am moving, they don’t fog, but they will when I stop.  The frame is a non-radical design though.  I think those look really goofy on me, plus I dont want to pay a couple hundo for them.

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    Drop them down your nose a tad on climbs. Air gap avoids fogging.  Keep high percentage deet bugspray away from sunglasses. I take em off on the climbs. Clean at the top before head down


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