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    Alright, Ive got a Giant Trance 26er with a Kenda Nevegal Tubeless 2.1 inch  (I dont run tubeless system though) on the front.

    The rear is a Kenda Honey Badger 2.2. My tread is wearing out and really not too impressed with either one. Rolling resistance seems low, but grip in berms with loose over hard pack sucks. I wrecked pretty good one time because of it.


    Im thinking either Maxxis Ardent and Continental Trail King front and back. Id like to go bigger in the front though. Any ideas? Advice? Im 225lbs also.




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    I have used both the Ardent and the Trail King. Ardent rolls fast, is fairly lightweight, and corners very well . But cornering is best with aggressive lean; there is some empty space between the center knobs and cornering knobs. The Trail King is more predictable, corners well, and rolls reasonably fast. The Trail King is true to size; my 2.4 inch Trail Kings really are that wide. Maxxis seems to make the tires a little shy of the stated size. Currently, I am running Trail King, 26×2.4, with Black Chili compound and Protection casing, front and rear. These also seem more durable than the Maxxis Ardent with Evo Sidewall. So, durable and predictable—Continental Trail King. Faster rolling and very good aggressive cornering—Maxxis Ardent.

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    Thank you. I think I may go TK 2.4 up front and 2.2 TK in the rear.  I was going to mix match, but may just stay with the Continental, since you say they seem more durable.

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    I run the Maxxis Ardents,, and they are decent. They do at times break loose and re-catch, can be a little unsettling, especially when it is the front. I have been told the Maxxis Minion DHR has more even and predictable traction, but they don’t roll quite as fast.  Thinking about going Minion front and keeping the Ardent on the back.

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    I’ve heard good things about Minion front, Ardent rear.  Supposed to have traction all day long.

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    I’d say Ardent rear, Minnion SS front. Ardent is good for front as well but you must to get used to cornering.

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    Well, I went ahead and ordered a Continental Trail King 2.4 Apex Sidewalls, ProTection, and Black Chili Compound. Must be coming all thr wayfrom Germany because they said 2 weeks before its available.


    What Im planning on doing is throwing it on the rear,  seeing if it fits, then putting on the front for cornering right now. My old Kenda Honey Badger on the rear (2.2) still doesnt have any problems with climbing, so maybe by the time it gets here and I figure out if I can clear the 2.4 Trailking I can order another one. Bike shops around me dont really seem to keep a lot of stuff in stock. Just the basics. Gotta order everything.


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