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    asking Santa to bring me a dropper this year.  i like fox and have fox fork on the hardtail I’m upgrading.

    fox transfer worth money?

    rock shox reverb better value?


    budget $200-$350 including remote


    Go to Pinkbike forums and look for a Specialized IRCC.  You can get one for about $150 or less.  They are bulletproof, great remote feel, super easy to service, and work in all weather.


    The Fox transfer is pretty bullet proof in my experience so far.  Don’t even think about the reverb.


    Fox Transfer for sure. If you’ve been extra good this year, check out the Bike Yoke Revive. It’s been the best dropper I’ve used to date.


    Add vice? I like adding vice as much as possible.

    Bargain dropper posts that don’t suck. If you are buying new this number from Chain Reaction is hard to beat. It’s also available in external version for less and 150mm one for more. After that, yeah the Fox Performance Transfer model is very nice. The above said, you can often find great deals on take off OEM stuff on eBay or Pinkbike. Party.


    Don’t spend too much on one, the top of the line is marginally better then brand-x.


    Love the Fox Transfer Performance model with a Wolf Tooth remote lever. I haven’t had it long enough to form an opinion on the durability, but all reports say its one of the best. Very easy to micro adjust while riding and I like the audible clunk when it returns to full extension. Very easy to set up and mine only has a couple degrees of movement side to side, which I never notice when riding.


    Love the Fox Transfer Performance model with a Wolf Tooth remote lever.

    ^^ What he said


    The brand X post is a really solid option. It’s made by Trans X and then badged up under a few different brand names. It is a replaceable internal cartridge but I wouldn’t worry to much as it also has a 2 year warranty. Here’s a video of me installing one.


    Got a Transfer Factory.  Yew


    My Crank Brothers Highline has been working perfectly since I bought it this Summer, very happy with the $280 that I spent.

    I’m in sort of the same boat as you, looking for a dropper post for my fat bike. I’d buy another Highline but the fatty doesn’t have internal routing so must find something different.





    Check out Pacific Northwest Components droppers. Jeff has had a really good experience with his and it runs about $230:

    PNW Cascade Dropper Post Review: An Easy and Affordable Upgrade with a Huge Payback

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