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    I’ve heard of Dirty Duathlon races before, but those usually combine mountain biking with trail running. This has to be the first MTB shooting sports duathlon I’ve come across:

    For those who are wondering like I did, the guns are not transported on the bike–they’re stored at the range. Has anyone ever done this?


    That looks like something I could get into.  Looks like a lot of fun.


    Sounds like an XC ski biathlon


    Wish we had one of those here in the Midwest, I use to do biathlons in Europe 35 years ago when I was in the army and enjoyed them.  XC skiing and shooting.


    Sounds awesome and strangely I have previously wondered if this sort of event existed. Never heard of this in the UK though !


    Blackhawk in Madison, WI has done this before.  They’re full on XC skiers and ski jumpers with mountain bike trails in the summer so they hosted a summer biathlon.  I never did it.  My coworker actually hosted his own thing similar with a downhill trail that ended at a pond then you had to see how long it took to catch a fish, fastest cumulative time wins.


    So biathlon (XC Ski + Shoot) always fascinates me, firstly because it’s kind of just a cool sport (the Pursuit event is just cool), and secondly because it’s amazing to me that America has never medalled in a sport involving firearms.

    Accordingly, I’ve always wanted to hold a MTB-AR Biathlon; racers have AR’s that are pimped out race gun style and share color schemes with equally pimped-out bikes with handlebar racks for the AR; stages are shot from standing over a stationary bike, similar to how XC Skiers don’t take off their skis or the like.

    One day, when my skill and planning capacity match my capacity for cool ideas.


    “America has never medalled in a sport involving firearms”

    Not sure if you mean just this event (of which there seem to be dozens of variations of Biathlon in the Olympics) because there are a lot of American flags on this page:

    I always loved the biathlon because I grew up XC skiing and shooting. The level of fitness and shooting skills is ridiculous.


    This is a great idea.   Nothing like trying to shoot at a points scoring target while being out of breath.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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