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    Is this bike closer to being a motocross bike or is it closer to being a mountain bike?


    I say it’s closer to being a motocross bike.   No engine needed for going downhill    X country or climbing would not be fun on this thing

    you could make it an E bike





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    Both. But I like biking better since more trails allow MTB’s.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>It looks like a modern downhill bike. If it had an engine then it could have been a dirt bike or a motocross bike whatever name you wish to use .  I think Mtbing will give you  way less problems then motocross. If my bicycle brakes on a trail and I cant fix it I can just carry it back to the car. Doesn’t work like that with a motorcycle. Way more trails are open for bicycles and I get an exercise, piece and quite fresh air.</p>

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    Does it come with a shuttle pass?

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    As over the top as it seems, the suspension numbers and construction (travel, fork leg diameter, etc.)would make it about an early 90’s MX-er. Admittedly, that is for a much heavier bike/rider combo, but it really is mind-blowing how much a well set-up motocross suspension can handle…

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