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    My Marzocchi fork keeps clicking under compression. It clicks most of the time it’s compressed expect when you really use up the travel and you compress slowly. This is an air fork. I thought it might be the housing knocking against the frame near the head tube but I could feel the clicking when resting my hand on the stanchions. Any ideas?

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    I’ve had a Rock Shox Reba make a similar noise. It turned out to be the stanchion and crown interface. The stanchions are pressed into the crown and can eventually work loose.

    Some of my buddies have had the same issue with Fox forks too.

    That’s one idea anyway.

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    So what should I do? This crazy quick reply might seem weird but I was on my email when it notified me.

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      Haha, no worries.

      if that’s indeed what it is, you have to get new uppers and rebuild the fork. Not a cheap fix. Any chance it’s under warranty?

      With all the uncertainty about Marzocchi’s future, it may be best to just get a new fork. If you can swing it.


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