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    Is there a way to flag a trail as closed for construction?  North Cooper Lake Park Trail in Smyrna, GA, is closed while they are building new trails (I saw a FlowMotion TrailBuilders truck there, and all of the trail entrances are blocked off with caution tape).

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    You can add a note in a review, or even add a note at the top of the description (click the “Add to this trail” drop down button, then choose update).

    There’s another status used for trails that are closed permanently which removes them from maps and other parts of the site, but I’m afraid we’ll forget to make the trail page active again once the trails are re-opened.

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      Jeff – thanks for the info, I just submitted an addition to the overall trail description.  I did already add a review mentioning that the trail was closed.

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    Related side note: Of all the possible reasons to close a trail, building more trails is surely the best! 😀

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      For sure!

      Besides the “closed” status, there’s another called “dozed” which is clearly the saddest.

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      Yep. Just recently happened to one of my favorite trail networks, FOMBA just outside of Manchester NH. What used to be a network of about 15 miles of twisty, flowy and sometimes technical singletrack loops off of fire roads has been reduced to less than 5 miles. That’s what I gather, anyway, from a few people. I just can’t bring myself to go look.

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      Yes!  We’re definitely excited about the new trails they’re working on.  They got a state grant to fund most of the construction, and the local city (Smryna) has kicked in some funds as well.

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