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    So I’ve been using mapmyride to track my rides this year. I’ve had a few people suggest I start using Strava instead. I checked it out and it seems to have a more streamlined app but it doesn’t look like it gives as much information about my ride.

    Which one do you guys use and would it be a good idea to switch to strava?

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    What info are you looking to view/track for your rides? Both apps offer crazy amounts of detail about rides, way more than most people will ever use.

    Like you said, Strava is more streamlined which is why I prefer it. Also the competitive and social features make using the app fun for me.

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    Strava. It might not give as much info during the ride, but should give you as much info as you want post-ride. Most of the pertinent info can be found in the app, but the full website offers additional analysis tools.

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    I use both at the same time. MapMyRide for me and Strava to push the rides to Singletracks. There’s no performance hit on the phone either in processor or battery that I’ve suffered.

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    Do you have ridding buddies, what do they use? My first answer would be whatever they are using. Otherwise I’d say Strava. I enjoy checking the Flyby on my computer after a ride to see other riders who I crossed paths with on the trails. I also like seeing how I compare to other riders, and Strava as far more users. I am not racing anyone, but I do enjoy getting better and faster and seeing where I am compared to others is fun. Plus, it is nice that my rides are automatically uploaded to Singletracks.

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    I use Strava because I think it is easier to use.

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    I switched to Strava about three years a go and haven’t looked back since.

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    Yeah looks like Strava is gonna be my new choice. Been using it the past 3 days and it’s pretty sweet. I like how it has the ability to post right to your blog built into the interface on the website.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Strava because so many people use it and the segment KOM deal.

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    Try strava.

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    I started with mapmyride, so it has way more of my info. My solution? Just run both… (I was also running endomondo for a while, but gave up on that)


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