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    Hi everyone, I’m working on a story that highlights the success of those who have lost weight by mountain biking, or have incorporated riding into a weight loss or fitness regimen and have seen good results.

    The goal is to inspire others through your story, that mountain biking can contribute to a physically healthier lifestyle and be a solid means to get in better shape.

    If you’d like to share your story, please email me – matt@singletracks.com




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    It would be an interesting read but I for one can’t contribute. Riding motivates me to stay fit but is not a big contributor to that cause.

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    I began mountain biking again years ago, because I had a medical procedure and some sciatic issues.  Despite what the doctors told me, I refused to stay still.  Biking was deemed a “safe” low-impact exercise that I could perform.  As with me, nothing is never “low-impact”.  However I have seen the benefits of weight loss and shredding down.  Despite how much or how hard you ride, diet is the biggest key, just the same with lifting weights.  I’ve ridden just about all disciplines, however, road is not my thing.  I have lost weight?  Yes.  However, it’s what I fuel my body with that makes the difference.  Being military field activities will require a high caloric intake and there are times, where despite treacherous climates and rigorous activity, you wouldn’t see a reduction in weight if you had the food, resources, and/or rations to keep it packed on.  I can honestly testify that I have had a reduction in 22 lbs in 6 months easy (I’m guessing/about, for me at least) from biking and just eating better.  Control your portions and fuel your body with the right stuff, that makes all the difference.  That makes me wonder, what would the results be from those that are strict on Keto?  I can’t do that, I believe that the Cookie is one of man’s greatest inventions and refuse to turn that down.

    I bike because I love the outdoors, hitting jumps, cutting up and feeling like a kid.  The exercise is  something that just comes with it.  My goal to stay lighter is the desire to be a little faster and easier to get fancy behind the bars.  I know it’s not a regimen so to say, however that’s my piece.  Take care.



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