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    Hello all.
    I have a Surface 604 Element electric-assist fat tire bike (26 x 4 tires on it at present).
    This thing is specifically designed for street/commuting (Only 7 speed gear range).
    I have been having a heck of a time with recurring flats. -The stock Kenda tires are paper thin walled. Bloody office staples punch through them.
    Does anyone have recommendations on tires and/or methods (like liners) for preventing flats?
    My Schwalbe-equipped road bike hasn’t had a flat in…forever. Which has spoiled me obviously.

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    The pictures of the Surface 604 Element that I’ve found look like they come with Schrader valve tubes, if that’s the case with yours you might try an automotive tire sealant in the tubes such as “Slime”? It’s relatively cheap and easy to apply, I’m thinking of using it on my fat bike as a precaution.



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      Forgot to mention the Schraeder valves.
      Thanks Ivan. I will look into the “injected sealant”.
      I am going to buy new tires none the less; but your idea is…prudent ;).
      Understanding that the 604 is an e-assist bike: I do wish there were heavier walled tires available (weight is less of an issue with this bike. It will affect range a little; but not so much that it matters)…


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