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    I’m considering buying a 2018 Devinci Troy Carbon NX which retails for $3699.  My spending limit is $4000.  I called the local bike shop and they don’t have any in stock.  The salesperson offered to sell me a demo Devinci Troy Carbon GX for $3600.  It retails for $4499. I haven’t seen it or demo’d it but he did tell me it has been demo’d several times.  Most of the trails in the area around the bike shop are very rocky, alot of roots, and some downhill stuff.  Is it worth buying or should I just stick with a brand new Troy Carbon NX like I intended.  Any info/advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Test ride it first. If it’s in good condition, it fits you well then buy it. It’s a good deal to save that much.  Usually test bikes has less then 100 miles on it whike still covered by warranty. Unlike brand new bike, this one will be already broken in and tuned up, so no stretched cables after first ride.

    I saved myself on demo bike once. It looked like new but with good discount it was hard to resist.

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    Ask them if they’ll cover it under the factory warranty – usually a year.  Anything wrong should show up and be fixed in that period.

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    A definite positive is it’s likely been serviced/maintained by a professional shop mechanic and not neglected. A big drawback is a lot of people ride demos really hard. You really have to ride it first. It could really go either way. Make sure to haggle at least 30% off the original sticker price.

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    I personally wouldn’t be too concerned about the condition (though definitely look it over and take it for a spin). Like Nick said, they should be able to do better on the price. Just refer them to the article below. 🙂

    New Mountain Bikes Lose About 45% of Their Value After Year One

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    Thanks for all the info/advice you all provided.   I actually read the article with the 45% depreciation in the first year.  Although we’re only 6.5 months into the year, applying that 45% loss of value from the retail price of $4499 would put it at $2475, 35% puts it at $2925.  Are those fair offers?

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    I don’t want to low ball it too bad but would like to get the best deal possible.

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    If the bike has been well maintained by the shop, I would think $2925 (or $3000) would be a reasonable offer.

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    I have one more question in relation to new bikes losing 45% of their value in year one.  Example: Does that apply only to bikes that were sold in the previous year i.e 2017 or also to 2017 year models still on the floor unsold?

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    Both. We didn’t break out new/never ridden bikes from those that were used, so the number will be an average of those two.

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