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    We’re a newly formed mountain bike clothing and apparel company based out of Kernersville, NC. We’ve recently launched a Kickstarter to fund our initial spring line.

    With successful funding we are hoping to offer event and rider sponsorships, expand our offerings of clothing apparel and branch out into various gear (knee & elbow pads, helmets, etc) and various bike accessories.



    Good luck!!  Hope to see you at some trailheads around North Carolina so I can see your products at work on singletrack ????


    Absolutely! We can be spotted most often at the Kernersville MTB Park, Greensboro watershed trails, MST, and the Whitewater Center in Charlotte on the weekends 😉



    weekdays only place.  Busy busy busy

    see you on the trails


    good looking jersey design. Thinking forward, how about trail jerseys with integrated pro-x style shoulder and a elbow pads.



    Yes, and yes! We’ve also been testing a few different fabric types and fabric combinations as well 😉 We hope to also off short and 3/4 sleeve as well.


    Just wanted to post a small update. We’re currently 47% funded with over half a month to go. There are still some early bird specials left


    Over the hump and halfway there, we’re currently 54% funded!

    Early birds are running out, but we have some great combo deals, and have added a few new options.



    Wish you all the best. Without looking at your site so forgive me but since your are in design phase’ish can I put forward my 2p worth ????

    What bugs me about most MTB tops that look great with fantastic designs (read expensive) is the ability for the fabric to snag the moment it brushes a bracken/gorse/over grown shrubbery. So it does not take much for an expensive top to look a bit tardy quickly. I look for panels of harder material or none snag type fabric that protects the top (and me maybe) to look its best for a long time. Win for you win for me.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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