I weigh 135 and ride an XL??

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    Hey, utter novice here. I just got fitted for a bike yesterday, took it home, have about 12 miles on it since yesterday. I’m tall and lanky so roughly 6 foot .5 inches tall. They recommended an XL Specialized Rockhopper. It feels like too much bike. Should I go down or are my legs so weak that I should give it a chance?


    Only after a year of riding (and riding other, better fitting bikes) did I realize that my bike, size small, was too small for me. I’m 5′ 8″ and now I comfortably ride a medium. The salesman who fitted me for the small seemed too eager to send me off with that bike. Based on your height it would seem like XL is a general good fit but ultimately sizing and fitting is very personal. I for one like bikes that feel a little larger but some might feel the opposite. I’d say ride it at least a few more times. With an adjustment period you may find that it starts to fit well. You may also realize it’s not the right fit (as I did) and should be willing to accept that going down is the best option.


    What do you mean by “too much bike?” It sounds like maybe you’re saying it’s too difficult to pedal.

    Going to a smaller bike will generally make pedaling more difficult, not easier. However, a smaller size will be easier to handle (cornering, descending.)

    Does your bike have a dropper post?


    At 6′ 5″ you’re probably an XXL. But very companies make bikes that large though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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