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    Hi, I was out on a trail with a mate when he wiped out. He had his phone in his backpack but unfortunately the screen got smashed between his back and the tree he impacted. What would you recommend to protect your phone while still being able to use it to track your ride using an app/GPS?



    I have been using this phone case I got on Amazon for a couple years now and it works well.  The only issue is the clear plastic cover gets brittle in very cold weather and cracks when I used it on my fat bike in the winter.  For under 15 bucks it is a no brainer.  good luck.



    First of all, not to smash it against a tree 🙂

    if serious, though, it sounds like your buddy just had a bad luck. I’m carrying mine in backpack as well and havnt had issues with it, even while crashing from time to time. I’m using Osprey Zealot 10 backpack which is actually pretty hard shelled. So, maybe better backpack with added protection will help. There’s another, more budget-friendly solution – Walmart sell waterproof cases for electronics. It’s a plastic box that might fit smartphone and you’d have to use a hammer to break it.

    Or use some sort of bag for phone to put on your chest strap – I’ve carried point and shoot camera like that. It’s not the most comfortable way I must admit.


    I think when it comes to technology and devices unfortunately it’s always going to be a risk when they’re carried mountain biking. Depending on how wet it gets or how hard of crash you take there’s really never going to be a panacea of cell protectors to save them. I lost a brand new IPhone 6+ not long after I got it on a trail. Looked everywhere for it and the next day as well. Went back 2 weeks later to the same trail and had my new Iphone 7 stuck in my Camelbak pack zipped up tight where I normally keep it. We got to a wide stream and I decided I was going to try and cross it. I had done it before but this time I didn’t realize the water was up. As soon as I hit the water it was like I hit a wall and I went down quick all the way up to my neck! The first thing I thought about was my cell phone! I got out of the water soaked to the bone, unzipped my Camelbak and much to my surprise the phone was dry as a bone! I was L-U-C-K-Y this time for sure.


    Thanks for the replies guys and Ken you sound both unlucky (with the loss of the phone and I’ve done that myself) and then lucky with the iPhone 7!

    It seems the Gods of mountain biking looked after you the second time around 🙂


    I’ve been using Trident cases on my phones for many years, for all-round protection. Never a problem or broken screen through many hard times.

    I agree with Stumpy though, I think your friend was the exception. I carry my phone in a high, centered, external (non-armored) pocket of my backpack and it takes tumbles just fine. So I wouldn’t worry too much about it.




    Lifeproof case FTW

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