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    I am fairly new here and I am wondering if there is a function to sort members by location? Or even sort the forums by rider location. I find most of the forums are area specific topics and I have not seen many in my area. I am east of the SF bay area.

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    Hey onefastfattie, thanks for the question! We unfortunately don’t have either of those features that you mentioned, but you CAN look for a club in your local area, here: which is a good way to meet people. You can also try one of these methods that we wrote about: Finally, if you look at local trail listings near you and see that some people have reviewed many of the trails around you, try reaching out to them via private message to see if they’re interested in riding.

    Happy trails!


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    Greg is right, those are all excellent ways to get connected. I personally suggest finding a group ride so that way, you can figure out who has similar fitness/riding style to you from among a large group of people. Contacting random people via the internet can be pretty hit or miss.

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    You may want to check out meetup.Com

    Locally we have 890 members in our little group titled “Idaho Mountain Biking and Outdoor Adventure”.  I’m also a member of the Bend group on the same site since I ride there quite often.  These groups post up events (rides) and include a description of that event.

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    Stop by the LBS to see if they have any group rides posted up on the board with specific times and locations. Try looking at your local trailheads. Often times there will be postings of group rides or trail work days posted on a billboard or kiosk.

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