How do you handle cycling withdrawal?

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    Where I live everthing is mud, slush, or ice and has been for a few weeks. The storms keep coming. The paved roads, the gravel roads, the singletrack all unridable. Not enough snow for Fatbiking. No Road, Gravel, Fat or Mountain bike riding! I’m about to go crazy. Is there a 10 step program for cycling withdrawal, seasonal affective disorder, and cabin fever. I have multiple symptoms. I’m getting fat. My legs are getting skinny. I turning pale. I can’t breathe! Help! How do you handle cycling withdrawal?

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    Riding partners.  Grab 3 of them with trainers and set a day to watch a game, movie, You Tube, etc.  One of the 3 will always show up to spin.  If you get all 3, fantastic.  If not, you’re still committed to riding with at least one.   We’ve ridden in garages, basements and living rooms but we’re always spinning when the weather will not allow for any type of outdoor riding. The trainers are easy to transport and don’t take up much room.

    Besides keeping in shape, it’s a good way to plan trips or introduce new riders into your group.

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    Man, I hear ya, Plusbike Nerd.  I’m not sure how those of you who live in places with real winters do it.  Where I live, we ride ‘year round.  At least normally.  This last year has been extremely wet for us (70″ instead of the usual 30 or so).  Most trails have been closed for months, some as far back as July.  My near daily riding has been reduced to 1 or 2 rides every couple weeks or less.  So, yeah, I feel your pain.  And like I said, I don’t know how you winter prone folks deal with it.

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    I’m getting fat. My legs are getting skinny. I turning pale. I can’t breathe! Help! How do you handle cycling withdrawal?

    LOL.  I think many of us can relate.  And, unlike some, I just can’t get into using the indoor trainer.  (I wish I could).   FWIW, this is what I do:

    • As long as it’s below freezing it’s fat-bikeable.  Slush/ice – yeah, I’ll ride it.  You just have to completely reset your expectations of what your ride goal is.  Riding in those conditions forces you to focus more on body positioning, balance and employing a steady cadence.  It’s also a heck of a workout.
    • Cross-train – for me that’s usually running, weightlifting or plyometrics/agility exercises.  Gets the heart rate up and all have carryover benefit for MTB

    I also find that if I plan a trip a few months out it keeps me motivated to force myself to get/stay in shape for the trip.

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    I fat bike everywhere; beaches, golf courses, parks, construction sites, anywhere to be outside and on my bike.

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