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    This is my first 10 mins on SingleTracks – what I’m trying to do is see a map of the trails that are listed here without paying the $25 a month. Is this an available feature? I just made my account, and am using another Garmin App (DynamicWatch) that uploads trails from a web browser onto a watch for instant, remote use.

    I’d appreciate any advice on how to use Single Tracks. As well, I’m currently located in Little Rock – if anyone has trail suggestions, please let me know.


    ben shapleigh in Little Rock, AR

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    I’m not sure what you mean by paying $25 a month to see the trail maps.  I’ve never paid anything and have been using the website and the Topo Maps for years now.  Go to the trail page you want to look at and click on Topo Maps.  Pretty much that simple.

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    Easy to do…

    Go here :

    Scroll down to the state or country you want to search and click on it.  You’ll be presented with an interactive map and listing of trails.

    No fee required, but upgrading to a subscriber helps support this great site (no, I’m not affiliated with this site, just an end user).

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    I like single tracks for its articles and local news not it’s mapping system. Trailforks is way better. Download the Trailforks app and you can view your live location in relation to the trail. Its a great way to discover new regions without needing a guide.


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