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    I am in the market to buy a hitch bike rack and have a few questions.  I am planning to put the hitch on a 2012 Honda Civic Sedan.  Max # of bikes is 2.    Question #1: Does anyone have experience with this type of setup and if so what are/were the most common issues experienced?  As with most everything in life, I want the best bang for my buck and my price range is $300-450.  Question #2:  Which brands are dependable, good quality, and are easy to use that are in my price range?

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    Do you already have a hitch receiver on your Civic? If not, step 1 is to make sure you get one that attaches correctly to the frame of the vehicle. (Some hitch rack kits are more cosmetic than others. Make sure you find one that’s actually rated for towing to ensure that it’s strong enough.) Get a 2″ receiver as it’s the most compatible. You should be able to install the receiver yourself using online instructions.

    Kuat makes good racks. At your price range, you’re looking at the Transfer ($298 for the 2-bike version). The good thing about this one is it’s lightweight, but it’s also not as robust and easy to use as say the Sherpa ($498).

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    Kuat are awesome racks. I recently picked up an NV 2.0 from REI. They retail for $700. However, if you plan ahead and are a co-op member, you can use your dividend and a 20% off coupon. I ended up getting one for $350!

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    Thanks for the responses fellas!  What is/are the advantage(s) of the 2 in. receiver over a 1-1/4 in. receiver outside of compatibility?

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    I’d be surprised if you could put a 2″ receiver on that Civic.

    A 2″ will be much more beefy and solid than a 1.25″.

    Wish I could put a 2″ on my car.

    I like NorthShore racks.  The 2 bike is $440.

    Solid, small, and out of the way when not in use.

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    Yeah…no real advantages/disadvantages. It’s really dictated by what car you own. Like Zoso said, your civic will probably require a 1.25″ hitch, but there are plenty of great options for that.

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    An update to my initial post about the hitch bike rack.  I ended up going with the 1.25 inch Kuat Sherpa and have used it for going on 2 weeks.  Install was simple and it stays on pretty solid.  It held up well on a 3hr car ride and was pretty stable.  I appreciate the recommendation Mr. Barber.  I did end up paying close to 5 bills but I feel it’s a good investment.  I’ll see how it holds up after about a year’s use.  Have a great day and Ride On!


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