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    Just got this 2017 Gt Verb sport, what the first upgrade? I love this frame and I’ve been assure by GT tech supprot that this MTB bike is fully upgradable. Please keep in mind I’m on a low buget and can’t afford and entry level full suspension bike.

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    Age old question… what’s first?  🙂

    I used to do the same… get something new… upgrade immediately.  Honestly, I now ride a new bike as I got it, and determine what I really need after having ridden it for a while.  Too often, I’ll replace something only to wish I had done something else.  My latest experience… new bike, almost upgraded the dropper.  Held off though.  As it turns out, the brakes nearly failed on me during some long down hill rides… so upgraded though when initially i had  no in

    Ride the new bike.  Figure out for yourself what you do and don’t like, and go from there.

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    Contact points are always first!  Grips are cheap and help.  Pedals and shoes are mid priced and make a big difference.  Dropper post will add to your enjoyment the most, but is expensive.  New wheels, but they will break the bank!

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    As @Gdb49 mentioned, contact points should be first.  Without knowing the exact specs, my guess is that the stock pedals suck (not very grippy) and you’ll likely feel an immediate impact especially if you find that your feet don’t stay planted to the pedals.  While there are a lot of good options out there I’d recommend the VP Vice Pedals ($35).  Good shoes will help (especially if you find Five Tens on sale) but I’ve ridden these in sneakers several times and the grip was surprisingly good.  Grips are another inexpensive upgrade ($20-30).  But the biggest impact for your $$ will be adding a dropper.  KS has some pretty inexpensive options including the eTen with remote ($125) or the ExaForm which has a manual adjustment level on the post ($75).  I have the eTen on my fat bike and while it’s not the highest quality it gets the job done just fine.

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    Pedals and shoes.  No more slipping and a good pair of Five Tens will protect your toes.  Like the other reviewer said, start small until you know what you need.

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    Checkout Race face Chester pedals.  Highly rated and very affordable.  Also agree that if you can afford shoes, go for it.  Singletracks just did an article on shoes.</p>

    How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Shoes

    A dropper post changes the riding experience.  I was not sold at first, but will never ride without one again.  See Race Face affect for an entry level option.  Keep in mind you would need to also get the lever, cable and housing.  Not a cheap upgrade.

    Going to tubeless tires is also a good one to consider.  Tires make a huge impact.

    Or just ride until you break something.


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      Check with a bike shop if installing dropper and are not adept at bike maintenance.  You would need internal cable routing for most droppers and your bike may not take it.


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