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    I live 3 miles from Alum Creek State Park, near Columbus Ohio. I’m lucky because there are two intermediate loop trails and a short beginner loop. There is a beginner skills park slated to open next Month too. It is a pretty nice thing to have so close by.


    I guess it doesn’t qualify as a home-trail since it’s about 1.400km away from me. On the other hand, would I live in the US that would probably be a weekend-roadtrip for you guys 🙂 Here on the old continent it’s different however! 🙂

    Anyway, one of my all-time favorites is the Coasta Trail in the Zona Zero in northern Spain. Pretty amazing trail with great views, great riding, great nature.

    DON’T LOOK LEFT ON “LA COASTA” | Mountain biking Zona Zero, Spain: ZZ-010 La Coasta doble (re-up)


    Clinton Nature Preserve just a few miles from the house.


    Camp Mack Lebanon County Pa


    I live in Northern California – in the Bay Area.  My “home” trail is Annadel State Park (near Santa Rosa).  Its a 45min drive me, but Annadel offers so much to ride year around that I never get bored!

    I lived in SR for many years and Annadel was a 10min drive away.  Since then, I relocated down to the Bay Area.  Notable mentions include Tamarancho and Nisene, but Annadel is my favorite!  (And if you ride there, stop by the Trail House for a beverage, and a bite.  They have an in-house mechanic and anything you need!


    After 15 minutes of biking, I can get to both the Milwaukee River Trail and Kletzsch Park. Right now they are covered in an inch of snow, and the temperature is around 0. The end of the hardcore mountain biking season looms closer…


    Right now, I would say Twist N’ Shout in GJ.


    I envy all you guys that live near great riding areas. I’m currently quite a distance from any ‘real’ bike trails, so I guess my favorite right now is the road outside my door. Keep peddling, Smoky


    Keepin’ the thread alive…

    I consider more than one trail in North Texas a “home trail”.  We’re lucky enough to have several (25+, 200+ miles of trails) to choose from within ~30-45 minute’s drive. And the weather to ride all year ’round!  But if I had to pick just one, it would be Knob Hills.  I recently rediscovered this fun trail.  It’s evolved greatly over the years (first rode it in the late 90’s), and it’s currently an all encompassing multiple loop one way single track (started as a two way in and out).  ~13 miles of a little bit of everything… roots, rocks, sweeps, roller coasters, tree cover, open spaces, hard, soft over hard, climbs and descents (tech and not so tech).  Easy enough for building experience (gonna need some to ride here though), tech enough not to bore you.

    A very close second (almost a tie) would be Johnson Branch!  Only second because it’s a 30 minute drive versus 15 minute…

    Both of these great trails and supported and maintained by DORBA.


    My home trail is the one that is….at my home! I have about 5 miles of single and double track on my property. I discovered an old network of quad trails when I moved there a couple of years ago, I wasn’t riding MTB back then, just dirt bike. Slowly I cleared the existing double track and I’ve just about doubled my mileage with a ton of single track loops and connectors I’ve added. The property has a creek running through it so I have a nice gully that gives me great elevation change (for Massachusetts) and I’ve focused on making all of the new stuff flowy and fast. I only have a few laps in on the MTB, but hundreds of hours on the dirt bikes.


    So yeah, my favorite trail is the one that affords me easy access that I built and cleared myself. It’s not the best…hell it may be close to the worst by some standards…but I can gear up, roll the bike out of my barn and go for a rip anytime I want. Hard to beat that.


    Markham Park Weston Florida! Great Singletrack!

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